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HANOVER, N.H.- The Dartmouth women’s soccer team will travel oversees for a 10-day tour of England and Scotland. The Big Green will spend time training, playing and taking in the sites in both countries.

Dartmouth will leave for its overseas journey on June 10 and will return on June 19. Members of the women’s soccer team will be blogging the adventure for, so make sure to check this page for all of the behind-the-scenes action.


Monday June 10 – Depart Hanover for London, England

Tuesday June 11- Land in London, Training Session at QPR Training Facility

Wednesday, June 12- Training Session with coaches from Fulham FC

                                      Walking Tour of London

                                      London River Cruise

Thursday, June 13- Visit Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and “LillyWhites” sports store

                                     Explore London

                                     Team Dinner

Friday, June 14- Tour of  St. Georges Park England National Football Centre

                              Match #1 vs. Doncaster Rover Belles of Women's Super League

Saturday, June 15-Visit town of Bakewell for sightseeing

Sunday, June 16- Travel to Edinburgh

                                  Lunch in Alnwick

                                 Tour Castle used as Hogwarts in Harry Potter

Monday, June 17-Travel to Glasgow for a tour of Celtic Park Stadium

                               Shopping on Buchanon Street

                               Match #2 vs. Ranger FC Ladies of Scottish Premier League

Tuesday, June 18-Visit the Haymarket

                                Walking tour along the Royal Mile

                                Tour of Edinburgh Castle

                                Match #3 vs. Hibernian Ladies of Scottish Premier League

Wednesday, June19-Return to Manchester, England

                                   Shopping and tour of National Football Museum

Thursday, June 20-Depart for Hanover, N.H.

Keeping Up with Kelly and Kenyon

Day One: London Calling

Hello from London! Checking in from the bus as we travel to today’s practice at Fulham’s fields are Kelly Bach and Ari Kenyon. We will be your tour guides for the duration of this European extravaganza—Dartmouth women’s soccer takes England and Scotland!!

The journey started two days ago with a reunion in the Boston airport before our 6-hour long flight across the pond. Upon entering the plane, we felt like we were stepping into some fancy nightclub (“not that we know what those look like…”), with the first class atmosphere and purple lighting. We quickly realized that we were sitting about 100 yards farther towards the back of the plane from those seats…we had our party grouped together at the back of the plane. From watching a movie or playing “How to be a Millionaire” on the seatback TC screens to sleeping and scarfing down some delicious airplane dinners, the plane ride experience varied for each player.

Fast forward to 2:30 AM US time, and we had arrived in England!! With bleary eyes and impressive cankles from the flight, we stumbled into the immigration lines and finally passed through customs into the country.  Surrounded by British accents that we already envied, we then met up with our XL tour guides Nick and Rochelle.

 Later, on the bus ride to the fields, there was an unusual atmosphere—silence.  Everyone was either trying to catch some zzz’s before practice or staring out the windows at the typical London landscape and cute houses. When we arrived at the fields, we immediately took the field as the “Dartmouth Ladies,” according to the chalkboard in the complex locker rooms. To get our touch back after the long flight and week off, Nick, our XL tour leader, took us through some passing and dribbling before ending with a shooting game. It was surreal to think we were practicing at 4:30 in the morning, our time. The other surreal part of the morning was that the pinnies smelled remarkably like laundry detergent instead of their normal aroma—dried sweat.  After the session with Nick, we piled back on the bus to head to Covent Gardens for some lunch.

At the square, we had the chance to do some exploring—but first, everyone was much more concerned with satiating our hunger at various cafes in the Gardens. Among the little shops and restaurants, we felt like we had stepped into a typical movie scene as we watched a street-performer tout his skills and a gold-painted man suspended in mid-air. After a couple of hours, it was back onto the bus to check-in to our hotel.

On the drive to the hotel, we caught a couple of famous sights through the windows, like Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. Tatiana Saunders, our hometown European celebrity, remarked“ it was so cool to share the sights I remember visiting as a little kid with my teammates.” Once at the hotel, Nick was pretty clear with his advice to power through the day and try to make it until night-time before sleeping…I think we all had a case of selective hearing, as all but three of us found ourselves fast asleep less than 10 minutes later. After our lengthy naps and much-needed showers, it was dinnertime. We dined at an Italian restaurant, enjoying pizza and pasta with some gelato for dessert. After dinner, a group of us decided to walk off the meal by visiting Hyde Park. So much space for activities! After our evening stroll, we all returned to our rooms and passed out.

Stay tuned for our European adventure

Day 2: Time to Explore

Our second day began with a scrumptious breakfast in the hotel, complete with fried eggs, croissants, hash browns, baked beans, and interestingly, pan-fried Asian noodles (there were only a few adventurous eaters in the bunch, namely Emma Brush). Then we were off to the Fulham Football Club’s fields for a training session with a coach from the Academy. In a session focused on possessing out of the back, we worked on passing and receiving the ball on the half-turn before ending with a small field scrimmage and, per usual, a very competitive finishing game—accusations of cheating abounded. We closed the session with a reflective exercise where we all self-evaluated our day and thought about what we could do to bring our game to the next level.

Upon returning to the hotel, we had the whole afternoon to explore! But, before we could even think about planning our day, lunch was in order…nomnomnom. After refueling on burgers and Portuguese chicken, some headed off to Harrod’s to marvel at the prices and posh merchandise, while others went the more intellectual route and visited the Natural History Museum. 

We of course, being the Renaissance women we are, found ourselves at the Natural History Museum in the Dinosaur Exhibit. Our resident “Land Before Time” expert, Coach Kelly Kuss, helped make such ancient material relevant to us Gen X’ers by pointing out which dinosaurs make cameo appearances in the film.  Missing the green of Hanover, a small group of us headed out to the wild garden to reconnect with nature. One of the highlights was seeing newborn baby ducks stumbling behind their mom…. while waddling away from us in terror. Losing track of time, we mistakenly overstayed our welcome and wandered back into the museum, finding it empty as it was past closing time. We expected yelling security guards and handcuffs, but instead it seemed as though we were invisible to the museum workers who were scrambling to set up for a party. As we approached the closed gate, we realized that we locked in! We started to panic, but were excited at the prospect of very own Night at the Museum – we could add some American flair to their party. Sadly, our invisibility cloaks failed and a guard kindly ushered us out of the gates.

After everyone’s afternoon adventures, we all met up and enjoyed a dinner at Garfunkel’s. But, our hunger was not completely satisfied at dinner as we all found ourselves on dessert hunts soon after. From milkshakes to British chocolate bars to Gu, the day ended on a pretty sweet note!

 Day 3: The Big GREEN does all things GREEN (Guest writer Kelly Brait)

The Big GREEN does all things GREEN

The third day in London started out earlier for some with a run through Kensington Gardens. We marveled at how lush and GREEN the landscape of the garden was as we trotted past trees, decorative ponds, and blossoming bushes.

Refreshed either from the run or a longer sleep, the team met up for breakfast. We found out that our very own Kate Castillo enjoys drinking GREEN tea perfectly plain, and finds it very relaxing.

Some of London’s notable sights were highlighted on our guided boat tour along the Thames. Some favorites: The Shard, the City of London School (where Daniel Radcliffe went), a replica of the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, and of course, the London Eye. We continued our amphibian tour on land, walking alongside Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and the Tower of London. We stopped in Parliament Square at a statue of Abraham Lincoln, and got to stand on some American GREEN; Abe’s statue stands on U.S. soil. We ended our tour outside of Buckingham Palace, which neighbors GREENe Park. The park is almost uniquely GREEN because King Charles II’s wife Katherine found him picking flowers for another woman and thus banished all flowers from the park.

Speaking of GREEN, freshman Corey Delaney is new to the European experience, but enthusiastically sported a sweater bearing the British flag.

After dinner, the Dartmouth women’s soccer team enjoyed the best GREEN, or should I say EMERALD of all, our coaches treated us to the play Wicked. We got more goosebumps from the powerful voice of GREEN-skinned Elpheba than from London’s unusually cool June weather. As several of our Boston natives agree, it was a wicked awesome night.

The night finished with some GREEN from across the globe. A couple teammates were visited by a fellow classmate who lives near our hotel.

This was a great GREEN day, and OLIVE being in London with my team.

Day 4: Dartmouth Women’s Soccer Survivor

We rose at dawn (well, maybe we didn’t actually rise with the sun, but it certainly felt like it, as this was our first early wake-up call of the trip). After a quick breakfast, we departed for Oxford. The bus ride was filled with a mixture of silent sleeping and whisperings of Wicked lyrics as people replayed the magic of the previous night. When we arrived at Oxford, groups split up to explore the University and the quaint town. Many of us took the opportunity to do some shopping, purchasing crop tops, antique tablecloths, and Oxford crewnecks. A few of us ended up in the courtyard of the Oxford library, where we realized that while it would be pretty incredible to go to Oxford, we would feel the need to constantly be studying to fit in with the proper, antique atmosphere—which would be overwhelming, even for us Dartmouth students. The dichotomy of the gorgeous, quiet academic spaces mixed within the bustle of the town center was exciting to experience. After a pleasant afternoon, we loaded onto the bus and headed to our next hotel. Unexpectedly, the rest of the day quickly turned into a real-life game of “Dartmouth Women’s Soccer Survivor.”

Our bus turned out to have a couple crucial issues. First of all, there was no AC, so the 3+ hour ride to the hotel ended up feeling more like a trip to the sauna. People started shedding layers, and eventually we felt like we had stopped at the beach for some tanning as some of us ended up shirtless. The discomfort faded to the background for a few of us as we engaged in some intense crossword puzzling. Finally, we arrived at the St. George’s hotel, our home for the next two days. After a quick turn-around and an unbelievable pre-game meal, we were back on the dreaded bus—this time equipped with ice bags and moistened handcloths, ready to beat the heat. Little did we know, that Round 2 of our personal “Survivor” game had more in store.

Due to the heat, our coach Theresa Romagnolo had encouraged us to hydrate during the pre-game meal and on the bus-ride to the game. Being the competitive group that we are, a group of us took this as an opportunity for a spirited chugging game, where we finished at least four cups of water each. Later, on the bus, many of that same group soon became stricken with an obvious need. With a broken toilet and no stopping in sight, the situation was grim. Here is where we let you imagine what happened next, as the events that ensued are too graphic for the family-friendly nature of this blog.

Skipping forward to game time, it was finally time to see how our skills matched up against our British opponents. Our first game of the trip was against the Doncaster Rover Belles. Within minutes, we realized this would be Round 3 of “Survivor.” From crushing tackles to aggressive bodying-up on headers, the English girls played a much more physical brand of soccer than we are used to, bordering on dirty. Nevertheless, we battled right back and finished the game with a 4-0 victory. Emma Brush helped assert our offensive dominance by getting us on the board early with two goals. A highlight of the game occurred in the first half when our very own blogger, Kelly Bach, scored a bicycle kick goal off Kelly Brait’s gorgeous corner and Laura Thurber’s redirecting header. What a combo from the backline! In the second half, Chrissy Lozier stunned us all with a textbook-perfect bending free kick into the upper- 90. Our evening ended with some socializing with the British girls before we headed back to the hotel, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Day 5: Bakewell Tarts and Leisure Time

Our leisure day began with breakfast at the hotel and a tour of St. George’s Park, a famous soccer training facility for both players and coaches. The complex, completed in 2012, is gorgeous! We got to see impressive player lockerrooms, a Futsol court, and their indoor and outdoor training fields. The indoor complex also featured a slice of a track, where our very own Kate Castillo, cracking her neck, lined up for a 60 M dash against Nick, our tour guide. Nick proclaimed victory, but since none of us had a view of the finish line, we’re going to back-up our girl Kate and call it a tie. During the tour, our guide also informed us about all of their innovative methods of aiding players in their recovery. We felt proud of Dartmouth when we heard that we, like St. George’s, have an anti-gravity treadmill for our players, which allows you to run without putting as much pressure on your joints. Our trainer, Nicole, was particularly intrigued by St. George’s hydrotherapy pools, the depths of which can be changed with the switch of a button. St. George’s is also interested in bringing their players to the next level, so much so, that they have equipment designed to improve the peripheral vision of players. I think all of us paused at one time or another during the tour to daydream about having such a facility at Dartmouth.

After the tour of the grounds, our next adventure brought us to the town of Bakewell, famous for its Bakewell tarts. In this picturesque and small town, people either enjoyed traditional afternoon tea or finally satisfied their craving for fish and chips. At the Lavender Tea House, a small group of us felt truly British as we sipped tea from fine china and enjoyed delicious sandwiches and pastries. While we chatted in the Tea House, another group greased their hands and the linings of their stomachs with a huge portion of fish and chips. Between wandering around the town, sitting by the river, and catching a bit of a casual cricket match, the afternoon seemed to fly by! But before we all got back on the bus, everyone was sure to get the famous Bakewell tart – it is hard to describe, but picture a pastry cup filled with almond paste and jam and covered in icing.

The bus ride home was probably one of the rowdiest of the trip as we engaged in a loud game of  “Heads Up” (We encourage you to look up a YouTube clip of this game as played on the Ellen DeGeneres show – but beware, addiction is very likely. Yet, we also know you will probably be too lazy to do this, so we will give you a brief explanation). Basically, it’s a mixture of Catch Phrase and Charades that results in much shouting, animated gestures, and of course, laughter. Our favorite category was famous songs, so the bus was filled with off-pitch singing and questionable humming for the remainder of the ride home.  We finished the day with a good meal at the hotel and movie time! Some people watched Harry Potter in preparation for the next day’s trip to the Alnwick Castle, whose exterior was used in many Harry Potter scenes, while others tried to figure out the hidden meanings of Inception once and for all.

Days Six and Seven: Happy Father’s Day

Hello loyal Dartmouth women’s soccer blog readers!  I was honored to have Kelly and Kenyon invite me to guest post for Day 7, which also happened to be Kenyon’s 22nd birthday as well as Father’s Day.  We woke up at St. George’s for our final breakfast at the posh hotel and gave all our dads big, virtual or actual, hugs before hitting the road for a long day of bus ahead of us.  The first two hours were mostly cruising and snoozing before our first exciting stop at the service station.  Vondrak eyed the Krispy Kremes while Sierra rode Bob the Builder’s construction truck, and the rest of us loaded up on coffee.  Despite all the caffeination, we were fortunate enough to avoid any more bathroom incidents on the bus.

Two hours later we arrived at Alnwick Castle, where shots of Harry Potter were filmed and also where Kelly Bach found celebrity status.  More on that in a moment!  When we stepped on the grounds, the team immediately split into our respective houses—Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Caitlin Burke’s own Dragonslaw—for dueling and photo ops.  The castle’s groundkeepers soon kicked us out, but we recovered from the snub quickly.  A local news crew approached us and asked for our opinion on an upcoming royal wedding at the castle, so Kelly Bach stepped up to the plate, responding to the spotlight with characteristic ease and enthusiasm.  Concluding with “stalking Kate Middleton,” however, Kelly has now made the “potential threat” list of both the CIA and Scotland Yard.

We then explored the town a little, meeting dogs named Larry and doing Kelly Kuss’s back exercises in the parking lot.  Quoted: Chrissy Lozier, enjoying a decadent chocolate flake ice cream cone, “Always listen to Tats when it comes to food and England.”  Marina (Moschitto), sullenly eating her push pop, looked on with regret.

We hopped back on the bus for another four hours north and made it through with the help of Batman Begins.  The movie ended, leaving us with enough time to admire the sea and rolling hills out the window.  We finally arrived at the Premier Inn, rather hungry and tired and then headed out to dinner a few hours later.  At the end of dinner, we celebrated Father’s Day with the dads, Ari’s birthday with cupcakes for the girls, and the team’s general habit of overeating with garlic bread for all.  It was a great day for the team, who headed to bed happy and full and ready to take on Scotland the next day.  Happy birthday Ari (Kenyon)!

Days Seven: Dartmouth vs. Dartmouth (Scottish Style)

After our day of travel, it was finally game day again! Day eight had a packed schedule—after touring the Celtic stadium and taking over Buchanan Street in Glasgow, we were set to play the Rangers FC women’s team, the Scottish team coached by former Dartmouth coaches Angie Hind and Michelle Barr. All of the older players had been anticipating the moment they would get to reunite with their old coaches (and then beat their new team, of course) the entire trip, so it was sure to be an exciting game.

Walking into the Celtic Stadium reminded us a bit of home, as the Scottish pro team touts a bright green and white kit. We were all envious of their striped jerseys, and weren’t surprised when Corey Delaney jumped on the opportunity to buy a replica jersey, which she sported proudly for most of the rest of the trip—from her British flag sweater to the jersey, we unanimously voted her best-dressed on the team. The dog we passed on the road wearing the very same Celtic long-sleeved jersey was a close second, however. A highlight of the Celtic stadium was getting to see the field close-up—the pitch was incredible and we all day-dreamed about playing in front of so many fans, but secretly rejoiced that Burnham is just a bit smaller. After the tour of the stadium, we headed inside to watch an inspiring video about the history of the Celtic Club and their rise to prominence internationally. After watching what felt like the thousandth header goal, everyone was feeling pumped to get back onto the field and prove Dartmouth’s international dominance as well.

Before the game, however, we made a jaunt into Glasgow to do some shopping and sightseeing on Buchanan Street, a famous area of the city. After a pre-game meal at Tony Macaroni’s, it was time to see how we stood up against our Scottish opponents. Kim Rose will take over this portion of the blog to give us a play-by-play on the game and her thoughts on seeing Angie and Michelle again.

Thanks Kelly, and hello readers! Picking up where Kelly left off, we headed over to the field feeling a tad nauseous from Tony Macaroni’s, but excited at the prospect of facing our former coaches.   We ended the bus ride chanting a few rounds of “Scotland’s Burning” to pump ourselves up.  As we walked up the field, we saw former head coach Angie Hind standing up on the balcony and some of us yelled out excitedly to her.  After some warm reunions and a few awkward hugs, we quickly changed in the locker room and headed our to the extremely beady turf field.  Immediately upon entering the pitch we spotted our former assistant coach Michelle Barr leading her players in warm up, and we were obviously quick to yell out and embarrass her.  In our typical European trip fashion, we had a very quick and somewhat inadequate warm up and began the game.   The Rangers’ Scottish accents and their defensive, possession style of play brought back some vivid memories of the former Dartmouth women’s soccer days.  It was definitely weird to watch our players face up against Michelle playing center back.  The Rangers held the ball extremely well and were very skilled, but their backline was no match for our attack.  Only a few minutes into the game, Emma (Brush) made a great run down the left flank and buried the ball into the far post.  Our midfield and backline also did well to shut down some of their skilled, sneaky players up top.

In the second half we came our flying and began the keep more possession of the ball. Quickly after the start of the half, Kelly Bach buried a shot off a corner by

Kelly Brait-- scoring her second goal of the trip!  The Rangers soon fired back after an unlucky handball in the box and well placed penalty kick.  However, we kept our momentum going and continued to attack.  Later in the half, Emma (Brush) received the ball from Marina (Moschitto) at the top of the 18 yard box and casually fired a shot to the upper 90, making it 3-1.  The Rangers tried to answer back, but Sam Fearer made a great breakaway save and our backline buckled down in the closing minutes.

After the game, we hung out on the field for awhile with Ang and Michelle, and they even honored us by joining in on our “Go Get ‘Em Green” cheer.  It was such a great experience to play our old coaches again, and we sadly said goodbye to them with wishes that they will come visit us in the US soon.   After leaving the field we sprinted into the grocery store across the street, got some post-game nourishment, and took the hour bus ride back to our hotel.  We went to bed extremely tired but satisfied with another European victory and the maintenance of our nine month unbeaten streak.  

Thanks for reading! 

 Day 9: Edinburgh Castle

Our bodies were definitely feeling the previous night’s game when we got out of bed on the ninth day of our trip, but we quickly forgot about our tired legs when we met our tour guide for the Edinburgh Castle. It was fascinating to walk around the heart of Edinburgh and hear about life in Scotland during the 17th century, when the Grassmarket Street that we were walking on was truly a grass market where farm animals and goods were sold, and the street-name Candlemaker Row was no coincidence. Our tour guide kept us entertained with stories about corsets and how the phrase ‘loose women’ arose, the origin of the expression ‘hanging out,’ as well as perhaps more information about the bathroom habits of the Medieval Scottish than we ever needed to know. One of the highlights of the tour before we reached the castle itself was the Grayfriar’s Graveyard, located right next to an old boarding school that was originally built to educate boys who had lost their fathers. Nowadays, the school is co-educational, and most interesting to the Harry Potter lovers on the trip because JK Rowling sent her daughter there. It is obvious from the architecture of the castle that Rowling took inspiration from her Edinburgh surroundings when she was writing her famous series, and many on the team broke out in chills when we walked up to the gravestone for “Thomas Riddle” in the cemetery right next to her daughter’s school. Later in the day, Caitlin Burke had lunch at The Elephant House, one of the cafés where JK Rowling sat and let her pen tell the story of Harry Potter’s world.

Another great anecdote from the cemetery was the heartwarming story of Greyfriar’s Bobby, the most-loved dog in Edinburgh. As the tale goes, after the little terrier’s master died, he spent every day for the next 14 years by his owner’s grave, only leaving for a one o’clock lunch at the pub that his owner had taken him to every day of his life. The town fell in love with the devoted pup, and appealed to the mayor to save his life even when the police tried to put him down as the only way to keep him away from his master’s grave in the overcrowded graveyard. The people won, and today Greyfriar’s Bobby has a statue in his honor right outside the gates of the graveyard.

After exploring the cemetery and learning more about the burial practices of the Scottish, we finally began the ascent to the castle. The views were spectacular as we climbed higher and higher, however the steep hills were especially tough for Tatiana Saunders, who was pushing Laura Thurber in a wheelchair after she hurt her knee in our game the day before. I think the Scottish guards of the castle were really happy with our team when they then tried to “borrow” the castle’s wheelchair for the rest of our day in Edinburgh, unfortunately their plan was foiled right as they were sneaking past. Inside the castle, we all split up to see Mary Queen of Scot’s birthing chamber, the Scottish crown jewels, the castle’s prison for prisoners of war, and more. With extra time before our pregame meal, some of us also wandered around in Edinburgh and visited the Natural History Museum. Now, Jill Dayneka will guest blog for the rest of this day.

For our pregame meal, we continued the trend of Italian (I doubt many of us will ask for any in our first days home), and due to this being our final dinner as a complete group, Nick and Rochelle, our tour guides, performed a bit of a closing ceremony. Amidst this was the presentation of awards, in which certain members of our team got little gag gifts for memorable moments. Kim Rose received the first award, a “shoulder friend”, for being a good sport when a rooming mix-up left her without a roommate for many of our stays. Emma Brush and Marina Moschitto each received a Starbucks Cup to use in times of “special need” on our bus (which still had a broken bathroom). Marina may have only lasted a day before needing to use this. Kelly Bach took the next award home for her celebrity interview on British TV. You may not recognize her with her new disguise (sunglasses with a mustache attached), but if you’re lucky she’ll sign an autograph for you in her new book. Mrs. Brait’s curiosity about the British cuisine earned her a package of Scottish Tablet, for which our closest comparison would be something like maple candy. But we urge you to try the real thing because it’s much better than that. Mr. Brush was gifted an old book explaining the rules and history of Cricket, to satiate some of his curiosity about the sport. Perhaps the most amusing gift of all was to Coach Kelly Kuss, who had abstained from all drinking during the trip, along with the team, despite the occasional pints and glasses enjoyed by some of the other adults to wind down. She was gifted the “smallest bottle of whisky in the world”, a bottle the length of inch at most. After much cheering and laughing, it was time to return to the hotel and head to our final game of the trip.

Hibernia Football Club was said to be our hardest opponent of the trip, ranked one higher than the Rangers we had faced a day earlier. We realized the truth of this early on in the game, as this team moved the ball just as well, but had the speed and attack mindset that made them more dangerous. However, some good combinations from our side led to an early penalty kick, which Chrissy Lozier calmly buried. After a back and forth first half, we managed to put Hibs on their heals for a while, continuing to press them but unable to finish. Lucielle Kozlov finally broke through when she chipped the keeper on a breakaway, after Kelly Brait had found her on a perfectly weighted ball over the defense. Unfortunately, Hibs battled back with two goals of their own, tying the game. In the last couple seconds of the game, Emma Brush got her head on a corner from Kelly Brait, but the goalie managed to get a hand on it just in time. After the game was over and we had handed out the last of our Dartmouth scarves to our Scottish opponents, we said goodbye to the sophomores and Ari that are leaving a day earlier and headed back to our hotel for the night.

Day 10: Goodbye Europe

On our last real day of the trip, we grabbed some breakfast at the hotel before leaving on the bus to start our journey to Manchester. It was a mellow ride, as our numbers were depleted from the night before when the sophomores, Ari, and Nicole left right after the game to drive to Manchester so that they could catch an earlier flight home to begin their classes for Sophomore Summer (and Ari’s ‘Junior Summer’). We also said goodbye to Theresa, Alex, and Sierra at the hotel, as they are heading to Vienna straight from Scotland. Between Batman and our books, we passed the time on the ride and soon arrived in Manchester for the afternoon.

Once in Manchester, we had one more city to explore before we bid adieu to Europe. From some last minute shopping to walking around in the National Football Museum, we made the most of our time in the city before our last dinner in Europe.

Tomorrow, we’ll head to the airport to board our cross-Atlantic flight back to Boston. Although we can’t wait to sleep in our own beds, we’re all sad to leave. This trip has been absolutely incredible, from our amazing tour guides Nick and Rochelle and the gorgeous sights of England and Scotland to the team bonding we’ve had and the great soccer we’ve had the chance to play. We feel so lucky to have had this opportunity, and before we know it, we’ll be reunited for the fall, ready to make it happen in this next season!

Catch us at Burnham in the Fall and thank you for reading all about our trip!

Check out our photo gallery from our trip!