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Checking in From Rolling Stone In NYC - Emma Brush

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Emma Brush is interning at Rolling Stone magazine this term.      By Dartmouth
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Checking In From Rolling Stone in NYC

Hello, it's Emma Brush and I'm here at Rolling Stone Magazine in New York, NY.  

I have to admit that I love the city. The lights and the life and the bagels and the New York Times crossword have roped me in. I feel at home!

My editorial internship at Rolling Stone has also been a valuable learning experience.  A lot of the work I do revolves around transcribing interviews, which has been quite interesting.  Getting to hear uncut interviews with people like Yoko Ono, John Mayer, the members of Swedish House Mafia, Eric Clapton, and Rihanna has been enlightening because I've been able to get a sense for their philosophies and ambitions as musicians and artists but also simply as people.  

Of course, this--and posing next to a cover wall (see Fig. A)--is the closest I have actually gotten to celebrity encounters.  Well, I saw Sharon Osbourne in the office if that counts.  And Johnny Depp was in the office just recently but I missed him!  I will never forgive the other interns for that...

But that is not why I'm here, after all.  I am here to learn about the editorial world and that I have.  I think one of my favorite things during my time here was a Q&A session with the music editors.  Not only were they cool and knowledgeable, but they also started as interns.  Another thing I have enjoyed is working with the iPad app and online staff.  We also spend a lot of time doing in-depth research on the up-and-coming cover stories.  And just recently, I was asked to copy edit a page!  I added a comma in one of the sentences.  Exciting stuff!

I have been privileged to work here for this time, and I owe the opportunity in large part to Dartmouth, not only because of the quarter system but also because of a fortunate coincidence.  When I was preparing for the interview I was skimming through the magazine.  To my surprise, I found one of my favorite Dartmouth English professors on the masthead under Contributing Editors.  Talk about a good connection.  

But as my internship comes to a close, I am mostly excited to be back on campus playing soccer with my team.  We have all been working hard in different places over the world, and it will be really great to see them again, to share learned experiences, and, most importantly, to begin preparing for an Ivy League championship.