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Around the World with Dartmouth Women's Soccer - Australia

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Around the World with Dartmouth Women's Soccer

Several members of the Dartmouth women's soccer team are spending this term in the "Land Down Under" will be featuring some of the adventures of the players studying abroad and doing internships throughout the term. Read the "Australian Tales" tales of Dartmouth women's soccer players, Chrissy Lozier, Caitlin Burke, Marina Moschitto and Allison Yeager below:

Dartmouth Women's Soccer's Australian Tales


Sydney has been amazing so far!  I'm here with two other Dartmouth women's soccer players, Caitlin and Marina, and we are having the times of our lives!  We have class during the week but it gives us the opportunity to travel on the weekends and see the rest of Australia.  This past weekend, we went up the coast to go learn to surf for the weekend!  As coordinated as we all thought we were as DWS players, we all had some great falls attempting to surf!  Later in the trip we are going to head up to the Great Barrier Reef to go scuba diving, to Brisbane to see my sister who is currently doing medical school here and over to New Zealand to travel around there.  I cant wait for everything else we are going to do while here in Australia! Cheers!

~Chrissy Lozier

Hello from Down Under! 

I have now been in Sydney for about three weeks, and am finally getting use to the Aussie lifestyle. I have been living in an apartment complex a block away from "UNI" with fellow teammates Chrissy Lozier and Marina Moschitto (and Allison Yeager down the street!). Coming from the close-knit community of Hanover, it has been quite the adjustment living on my own in downtown Sydney! We are lucky enough to have a gym in our complex and a field down the street to keep up with our strength, conditioning, and soccer! 

My experiences thus far have been amazing, between the beautiful beaches, crazy wildlife (kangaroos!), surfing, and site seeing, it has been an adventure I will never forget! On the upcoming itinerary is the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand, so there is much to look forward to! Miss you all and enjoy the winter wonderland back in Hanover!

~Caitlin Burke

Hello Everyone,

Our trip in Australia has been full of adventure. Over the past few weeks we have been sight seeing all around, as well as learning all sorts of new talents and experiencing all aspects of the Australian culture. From cooking Australian dishes in our apartments (such as kangaroo) to walking around Sydney Harbor.

 I must say my favorite experience so far was our trip this past weekend to Seal Rocks, four hours out of Sydney. In this short weekend, we were taught to surf, something I have always dreamed of doing, and saw some of the prettiest sights I've ever seen. Attached are some photos of our experiences so far. To explain some of these pictures: the picture of the building is the University of Sydney (so pretty) where I am studying philosophy and economics. The scenic picture is of Seal Rocks as well as the surfing pictures. And the last is a picture of the Sydney Opera House. It is honestly impossible to explain in words and picture how amazing of an experience this past month has been. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by but I am so excited for what lies ahead.

~Marina Moschitto


Hello from Aussieland, Mates!

 Being in Sydney for the past month has been a blast! I am currently living in an apartment in the center of Chinatown with three girls on the volleyball team and one girl on the field hockey team. There are about twenty other Dartmouth students in my building so I have gotten to meet and hang out with a lot of new people. I have class Monday through Thursday, so adventuring is usually left for the weekends. Thus far, I've been able to travel to Brisbane with my family, where I held a koala and fed kangaroos! It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I wish I had been able to bring the koala back with me!

Last weekend, I traveled to Melbourne with seven of my friends for the Australian Open. We stayed in a hostel in the middle of the city and we were able to watch two matches: Clijsters vs. Hantuchova and Del Potro vs. Lu. Unfortunately both of the winners (Clijsters and Del Potro) have since lost in the tournament, but the games were a ton of fun to watch nonetheless. I must say that tennis is way better live! Yesterday was Australia Day and we had a day without class. We went to Darling Harbor, which is a short five-minute walk from my apartment, to watch an amazing display of fireworks. I look forward to traveling to the Blue Mountains, the Great Barrier Reef, and New Zealand in the next few weeks and I will definitely make the most of the rest of my time here before returning to chilly Hanover in the spring!

 ~Allison Yeager