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Women's Basketball: Tuesday Trivia

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By Dartmouth
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Each week during the summer months, will be running a segment on the women's basketball page called Tuesday Women's Basketball Trivia. We'll ask each player one question a week and you can learn the inside scoop on the women's basketball team. Happy Reading!

What is your favorite gym to play in besides Leede Arena?

Tia Dawson (Sophomore): Long Beach State's Pyramid Gym was pretty cool!

Faziah Steen (Senior): Harvard's gym. They're our biggest rival and I love the competitive atmosphere when we go to play there

Abbey Schmitt (Sophomore): My favorite gym to play in other than Leede is my high school gym -- Gates Gymnasium.  It has an old school style that I love.  My high school team had a great run there, and we never lost a home game my junior year. 

Kamala Thompson (Sophomore): Hofstra's gym (Mack Sports Complex) is one that I really like to play in.

Milica Toskovic (Sophomore): I really liked playing at the Pyramid at Long Beach State, very nostalgic place for me. As a kid, most summers I would go there with my dad to watch the NBA summer league. That might be where I got my passion for basketball and also it's really cool that I was able to play on the same court as some of the biggest names in the NBA right now.

Nicola Zimmer (Junior): I like Yale's gym. It has an old school, Hoosiers feel.

Eve Zelinger (Junior): I really like Yale's gym. It's a relatively big stadium but at the same time it has an older, homey feel