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Coach Wielgus Weighs in on Title IX in Ivy League's "40 for 40"

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Chris Wielgus     By Doug Austin
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Entering her 28th year as head coach of the Dartmouth women's basketball team, Chris Wielgus has won 12 Ivy League championships and earned seven NCAA Tournament appearances. Wielgus has led the Big Green to four of the last eight Ivy League Championships (2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009) and five straight postseason appearances from 2005-09.

What impact has Title IX had on you/college athletics?  
Coach Wielgus: Title IX and I grew up together. We did not meet until after I graduated from College in 1974. I was part of the first generation to encounter Title IX. My generation had no idea where we were going. We had no road map and no compass. But we knew we had to get moving. So we plunged ahead taking one step at a time, but never sure we were doing things correctly. Our journey took place on our campuses and not across the nation.  

The road was very bumpy and full of emotion as societal roles were re-defined. The law was clear, but the resistance to change on a daily basis was great. The cavern that existed between the men's sports and women's sports in the early days of Title IX was enormous. Change did not come easily on either side of that cavern. It took years and generations to bridge that gap.  

My Title IX journey has landed me in a beautiful corner office opposite a gym with 17 Ivy League Titles. When I look back on Title IX, I see inevitability. Of course women should compete and of course they should have equal playing time, practice time, uniforms, travel per diem, etc. The reality is that in the early days of Title IX none of these things were certain. We did not know that women's athletics would explode. We did not know if our teams would survive. We just tried to keep moving and hopefully that movement was forward."

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