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Women's Basketball: Tuesday Trivia

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By Dartmouth
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Each week during the summer months, will be running a segment on the women's basketball page called Tuesday Women's Basketball Trivia. We'll ask each player one question a week and you can learn the inside scoop on the women's basketball team. Happy Reading!

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Tia Dawson (Sophomore): My biggest inspiration is my mom. She has gone through a lot in life and has still managed to stay strong and not only keep a smile on me and my brother's faces but also her own.

 Faziah Steen (Senior): My mom is my biggest inspiration. She's been through so much adversity in her life and has still been able to become a successful person. She's the rock for everyone in our family.

Abbey Schmitt (Sophomore): My biggest inspiration is my mom.  She is such a kind and caring person and would give everything to help others out.  She is also really hardworking and never gives up when trying to achieve a goal.  I seek to be like her.

Kamala Thompson (Sophomore): My mom. She is such a strong woman and handles a lot.

Milica Toskovic (Sophomore): My biggest inspiration would probably be my mom, I don't think she knows she is, but she is definitely the rock in our family. I don't know where any of us would be without her.

Nicola Zimmer (Junior): My family members are my biggest inspiration. If I can be a bit more like each of them, I'll be good.

Eve Zelinger (Junior): I look down to the person I look up to the most. My sister Camille is four years younger and five inches shorter, but she is taller in every other way. She is charismatic, kind, and cares about others more than herself. I have been both the beneficiary of her love and selflessness, but have also learned and continue to learn from her.