Each week during the summer months, DartmouthSports.com will be running a segment on the women's basketball page called Tuesday Women's Basketball Trivia. We'll ask each player one question a week and you can learn the inside scoop on the women's basketball team. Happy Reading!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Tia Dawson (Sophomore): Hopefully I'll have a nice paying job, a husband, and a smile on my face.

Faziah Steen (Senior): Hopefully married by then and settled in a career. As long as I'm happy it doesn't matter.

Abbey Schmitt (Sophomore): I see myself working in a city, maybe Chicago or Boston, and looking to start a family. 

Kamala Thompson (Sophomore): Famous!!

Milica Toskovic (Sophomore): I wish I could answer that, but at this point I'm not looking too far ahead, I'm trying to focus on this aspect of my life and the people that are here with me now. It's kind of scary to think where I will be in 10 years but I just hope I'm happy.

Nicola Zimmer (Junior): Who knows? Maybe I'll be an international food critic.

Eve Zelinger (Junior): 1.  Having a job that involves investigating criminal cases 2. With a hot boyfriend or maybe newlywed! 3. Enjoying life and taking risks