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Women's Basketball: Tuesday Trivia

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By Dartmouth
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Each week during the summer months, will be running a segment on the women's basketball page called Tuesday Women's Basketball Trivia. We'll ask each player one question a week and you can learn the inside scoop on the women's basketball team. Happy Reading!

Do you prefer to read, watch movies or listen to music on the way to away games?

Tia Dawson (Sophomore): I always choose listening to music. Whenever I'm not with someone, my headphones are in. For games, I have specific songs that I need to listen to. For the longest, Stanky Legg, including the dance, was important to my pregame routine.

Faziah Steen (Senior): That's a tough one. I honestly do all three. If I have a good book I'm in the middle of reading I like to do that the whole road trip.

Abbey Schmitt (Sophomore): I prefer to listen to music on the way to games to fit my mood.  I'll listen to chill music when I'm doing homework or trying to sleep and pump up music right before a game or practice.

Kamala Thompson (Sophomore): Listen to music.

Milica Toskovic (Sophomore): I don't really have a game bus ritual, but most of the time I just end up listening to my iPod if there isn't a movie playing on the screen.

Nicola Zimmer (Junior): I prefer to read or listen to music.

Eve Zelinger (Junior): I like to have a little combination of the three but my favorite would probably be watching movies and just spending time talking with my teammates.