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Around the World with Dartmouth Lacrosse: Dana Brisbane

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Dana Brisbane and Georgia Bird     By Dartmouth
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Throughout the fall term, Dartmouth women's lacrosse players will be sending in updates from their travels around the globe. Team members are currently studying, interning and volunteering abroad in a variety of countries thanks to the flexibility provided by the College's four-quarter Dartmouth-Plan system. Each student-athlete will provide at least one blog entry about her experiences.

Dana Brisbane (Locust Valley, N.Y.) • JR, M
Paris, France • Art Gallery Internship

Sept. 29:


Bonjour from Paris!

Georgia Bird and I are having a blast representing Dartmouth women's lacrosse in France! We're living in an apartment in an amazing area of Paris called the Marais. From our window we can see the Centre Pompidou, Paris's modern art museum. Our other two roommates are friends of mine from boarding school and the four of us are having a great time exploring the city. To give you a picture of where we're situated, a two-minute walk down rue Beaubourg brings us to the Seine River and Notre Dame! Georgia is taking cooking classes in both cuisine and patisserie at the Cordon Bleu but you'll have to wait until it's her turn to see some pictures of the amazing food she brings home nightly.

I'm spending the term interning at a small contemporary art gallery that conveniently is just a few blocks away from my apartment. As an art history major who hasn't studied much past 1800, contemporary art is completely bewildering, but in the best way possible. I arrived just as John, the owner, was installing a new show so as the term progresses I'll witness the whole process from start to finish. The artist, Lucky Debellevue, is known for his freestanding pipe-cleaner sculptures (the word pipe-cleaner is chenille in French — I think it means caterpillar which made me chuckle). The exhibition opening was one of my favorite nights so far in Paris. I got to talk to a few really interesting artists and art critics who came to support Lucky during the opening and also at a dinner party afterwards. Everyone at the table had something interesting to say (usually in a mixture of English and French - Franglais) so I just sat and took it all in.

What would a blog entry about our time in Paris be without mentioning the FOOD? Strangely enough George and I have taken a strong liking to escargot, but when we're not out at restaurants we usually dig into the biggest cabinet in our fridge: the one devoted entirely to cheese. Between the food in our apartment and the sandwich shops, crepe stations and patisseries on our street it's safe to say we're not starving over here in France! 

Last but not least, here are some pictures from our first few weeks here ... Amusez-vous bien et à la prochaine!

 Place de Vosges
 Art gallery exhibit
 View from our apartment
Centre Pompidou