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Around the World With Dartmouth Lacrosse: Lushefski in London

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By Dartmouth
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Hi everyone!

For the past five weeks I have been interning in London for Blenheim CDP, a nonprofit organization that provides support and services for drug and alcohol users. At Dartmouth I am majoring in psychology, so it has been a great opportunity to experience what the world of counseling entails. At Blenheim, I have been shadowing practitioners in keyworks (one-on-one sessions) and group sessions. I have also participated in outreach, a program that involves venturing to local hostels and either educating people about harm reduction or offering support and a chance to join our service. The staff at Blenheim is incredibly friendly and has taught me so much. My experience at Blenheim has been extremely eye opening. The service is incredible and continues to help so many different people improve their lifestyles on a daily basis. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to intern for Blenheim.

London itself has been such an unbelievable experience. Having three of my teammates and many more Dartmouth students has made it all the more enjoyable. On the weekends, we have been exploring as much of London as we can. One evening, I went on the London Eye with Samantha Schiff, Jessica Frieder and Sydney Ellis. I really enjoyed the Eye at night, seeing the entire city lit up! Some other places that we have been to include Oxford Circus, the Tate Museum, the Camden Markets, Covent Garden, the Battersea Park fireworks show, the Tower of London, Brick Lane and the Southbank Centre Christmas Markets. Personally, Covent Garden is one of my favorite areas. The main area is blocked off from cars and the streets are all cobble stone. There are always live performances going on and so many different markets in the area. I also really enjoyed the Christmas markets. There were all different stands, including cheese, fudge and candy, sausages, trinkets, gifts, crepes, gingerbread, and many more!

We have also had the privilege to travel to Prague and Amsterdam so far. Prague was so beautiful! We walked over the Charles Bridge, saw the Lennon Wall, and saw the Prague Castle from afar. Everything was in walking distance, which was so convenient!

Amsterdam was beautiful as well, with canals and bridges everywhere. I’ve also never seen so many bikes in my life. There were more bikers in Amsterdam then there were cars. When we first arrived, we almost got run over by the swarm of bikers, but we quickly became very aware of them! We were able to see the Anne Frank House and the Rijks Museum. In front of the Rijks Museum, Sam, Sydney and I took a picture at the ‘d’ in the Iamsterdam sign for Dartmouth! We have also planned a trip to Budapest this coming weekend!

This term has certainly been amazing, and unfortunately is flying by. However, I am so excited to go back to Dartmouth this winter! When Sam, Sydney and I went for breakfast one morning at a local restaurant ‘Villandry,’ the portions did not compare to the excessive ones that we order at Collis after a lacrosse workout. We starting discussing all of the things we love and miss about Dartmouth, and it made me eager to be back at school! I cannot wait to be with the team again and I am really looking forward to the 2014 season!


Christine Lushefski