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Greetings from our nation’s capital!

For the past five weeks I have been interning for General Electric in its Government Affairs office and, as you may have guessed, it has been a very interesting time to be working in Washington. Although a part of me wishes I had gone to London and had an amazing term with Christine Lushefski, Sydney Ellis, Samantha Schiff and Jessica Frieder, the experience I have had in D.C. has been invaluable.

Considering I am a Government major, I figured immersing myself in the hub of the political world would be a logical and rewarding experience. In my office my manager is a Global Executive Leader for Government Affairs and Policy, a long title that is accompanied by a long list of responsibilities.

My time spent with my manager consists of attending meetings with Congressmen on the Hill, briefing some on the company’s higher-ups and witnessing first-hand how legislature affects corporations, which has been very interesting to learn about.

While the first week I was here felt like I was drinking from a fire house learning about Dodd Frank, the ins-and-outs of the healthcare exchange and how the international tax system works, I have now been able to get my feet under me. The time at work not spent with my manager sees me researching for projects regarding the new healthcare exchanges and fracking. As you can tell I have been able to dip my feet into many different areas, one more interesting than the last.

The government shutdown has certainly added an interesting element to living here during this time. I missed out on a lot of free hamburgers for government employees, but I also able to see how a corporation was affected by it and government cooperation at it’s best.

In addition to being very happy with my internship, I have also developed a fondness for D.C. I live in a house in Adams Morgan with Jesse Steinmetz, who is also from Dartmouth and is interning at the White House. We have been able to do all sorts of fun things including sightseeing, going to concerts, visiting Georgetown where there is one cupcake shop after another and walking to Meridian Park on Sundays. We have also been lucky enough to hang out with former Dartmouth Women’s Lacrosse grads Chelsea Kirk ’10 and Hope McIntire ’11, who we watch Homeland with every Sunday. I still need to visit Arlington National Cemetery and catch a Capitals game before I leave.

Overall this experience has been incredibly enjoyable and eye opening. It has definitely fostered my interest in government and has made me want to be back in D.C. again at some point. However, the most bittersweet part about being in D.C. has been being away from my team. Going up to Hanover for Homecoming made me miss them even more. It was great meeting the new freshman and hearing about how successful fall ball was. Although I will be sad to leave D.C., I am really looking forward to reuniting with my team and starting the 2014 season!

- Sarah Byrne ’15 (Bernie)