"Another day of double practices began nice and early with eggs, cereal, and toast. I stuck with cereal because, when it was my turn to make some toast, 30 seconds into the process my toast caught on fire. Of course I acted fast and blew out the fire, but it was too late! I blew a fuse and shut down all the appliances in our kitchen. However, I do not blame myself, just the incapabilities of the toaster in making enough toast for a small army (of six). After breakfast, we piled into vans and headed to the fields with the goal of maintaining a high level of intensity throughout the whole practice. Practice consisted of 5v5 continuous, 7v7's, and off ball work (picks and marking cutters!) in order to prepare for our scrimmage later on in the day. We headed back to the bungalows to have lunch and cool off after practice."

- Frances Bird '15 and Danielle Lisovicz  '16

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