At the crack of dawn, four separate alarms went off. Liz Calby '14, Sarah Byrne '15, Samantha Schiff '15 and I all woke up ready to begin packing up our bags. Although waking up early isn't always everyone's favorite, today was an exception because we were one day closer to sailing to the Great Barrier Reef. Today our team was venturing off to a new location, leaving the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and many of our new favorite shops behind.

Our flight to Cairns was so quick in comparison to our first flight - a mere two and a half hours in comparison to the original sixteen. Stepping off the plane we all noticed the increase in temperature and the overwhelming amount of palm trees. This trip seems to just keep getting better! What excited us all the most was knowing what these next few days would be bringing. We would be crossing two things off our bucket list including sky diving and visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

- Jessica Venturino ’15

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