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Hi Everyone!

This fall I'm interning in London and living in the center of Kings Cross. I have a sports marketing internship with a company called GO Mammoth. Currently, GO Mammoth is the leading social sports company in London and is rapidly expanding to other parts of England. The majority of the company is based on its website, venue growth, competition analysis and league management. While I've been here I have been working with a few members of GO Mammoth to improve the website and market the company to other parts of England. In addition, I have been helping out in expanding the company's sites, which means I have been calling a good deal of venues around England to set up branches of GO Mammoth in other areas. This hands-on experience has been so valuable to me as I have learned a lot about marketing this term.

Not surprisingly, many people in England aren't familiar with lacrosse so it is one of the few sports GO Mammoth doesn't work with.

A couple of weeks ago my teammates Liz Calby and Bailey Johnson came to visit Lindsey Allard and myself here in London. We roamed around the city doing 'touristy' things such as taking pictures in front of Big Ben, climbing the Monument and exploring the exhibitions inside the London Tower Bridge. I am usually scared of heights, but I managed to climb the 331 steps of the Monument to see the pretty London skyline. It was a great climb and made me nostalgic for the stadium workouts on Memorial Field at Dartmouth.

One of the favorite excursions thus far has been going on the London Eye at night. The London Eye is 135 meters tall and is the world's largest ferris wheel. It takes about a thirty minutes to complete the ride, so when you're at the top it can make you feel anxious, but seeing the city lit up at night certainty has a calming effect!

A great bonus of living in England is the accessibility of travel. For the past few weeks I've been travelling all over the country (more specifically to Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford and York). In Salisbury, Lindsey Allard and I climbed Britain's tallest spire. In Bath we met up with fellow Dartmouth students who were studying at a nearby college on the History Foreign Study Program. It was so interesting to see how intricate the Roman baths were even though they were built thousands of years ago.

Another quite interesting experience was travelling to Dublin. After almost missing our flight, we arrived in the Irish homelands where everything was as green as Dartmouth, the good old "Big Green". In one day we managed to see every possible tourist attraction offered in Dublin: from cathedrals to museums to restaurants. My favorite site in the city was Dublin Castle. I had never been to a castle before and it was so amazing to see one in real life. However, one of the biggest disappointments of the trip was that they didn't serve potatoes in any of the restaurants we went to!

As many of you may know, London is certainly not known for its food, so I've been busy in the kitchen getting ready to show off my cooking skills for when I return to the States and go to Australia. My favorite type of food to eat here is actually Italian. The gnocchi and gelato here are the best I've ever had! Sundays are my favorite day of the week. It's when I get to kick back with a large gelato and watch football.

London has been such a wonderful experience and I can't wait to get back to the team in a few weeks to start training for Australia!!

Kristen Giovanniello '14