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Around the World With Dartmouth Lacrosse: Hana Bowers

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By Brian Garfinkel
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The following is junior Hana Bowers' blog entry about her time working with a fashion PR firm in New York City.

After my freshman season on the lacrosse team, I packed my bags and traveled halfway around the world to Beijing. Although it is typical for the team to go abroad junior fall, the intoxicating smog, overpopulated land and deliciously greasy food was too enticing to put off-I had to go! The Dartmouth FSP was a life-changing program and left me thirsty for more of the rich culture, history and food that Beijing had to offer, however I wanted to try my hand at something different this term.  That decision brought me all the way back to Old Greenwich, Connecticut, home sweet home.

Following the trend of trying something different, I began an internship at a fashion PR and Marketing firm in New York. For those of you that may not know me, fashion isn't exactly a strong suit in my life, but I was very eager to get a hands-on experience in a totally unfamiliar industry. I began working 12 weeks ago for Tracy Paul & Company and was immediately plunged into the world of fashion publicity. Having been the only person in the office not trained in public relations in college, I was constantly being challenged by the steep learning curve. Two days on the job and I was attending an event for one of our clients in a chic NYC hotel and mingling with some of the most prominent members of the fashion PR world. I was completely out of my comfort zone and way out of my league. But it was being able to cope with intimidating situations like this, and there were plenty, that make me really grateful for this internship.

I was given a lot of responsibility including keeping track of the lines of shoes, clothing, jewelry and lingerie of our clients, as well as assisting in pulling outfits and looks for magazine shoots and celebrity fittings. This is where my fashion sense was desperately put to the test, and I was extremely proud when a look I personally pulled was photographed for an upcoming magazine editorial. My boss wanted me to learn as much as possible and decided to take me to most meetings with our clients. It was really eye opening to be able to sit in a room with CEOs of big companies and get a taste for how business is conducted in a boardroom behind closed doors.

Most of my downtime was dedicated to exploring New York and keeping in touch with the other six girls in my class. It seemed as though we weren't that far away as we were constantly living vicariously through each other's endeavors. And while I may not have been abroad in a foreign country this term, I wouldn't have done it any other way-I have been able to spend time with my family, get unbelievable work experience, and really prepare for the second half of my Dartmouth career. I can't wait to be reunited with the team in January, HEY GUYS!!

- Hana Bowers