"After three days of practice, today was a nice change of pace. We rose with the sun and departed early for Kangaroo Island. We took a bus to Jervis Bay where we then boarded a 45 minute ferry to Penneshaw, a town on Kangaroo Island. When we arrived we were greeted by our native bus driver and tour guide Glenn. He proved to have quite the personality as he thought we were professional lacrosse players and cracking jokes throughout the day. For instance, he pulled over the bus telling us to ready our cameras for the best picture of the day. It turned out to be a sign for Wilson Road, his last name. On the way to our first stop, Glenn provided us with the history and background of Kangaroo Island. Some fun facts you might enjoy include: there are three policemen, three doctors and one dentist on the island and the population is equivalent to the size of the Dartmouth student body."

- Kyra Hansson ’13 & Bailey Johnson ’14

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