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"After our first real night's sleep here in Sydney, it's safe to say that everyone made the most of their day in the city. I started out my day by signing up to walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge! A group of us will be doing that walk tomorrow, so stay tuned for updates on how that goes. After that, a group of seven of us found a nice coffee shop to look at our maps and plan out our day. I was pleasantly surprised when I was given my iced coffee; it was not a coffee with ice in it, but rather a hot coffee with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped in! Needless to say it was a great way to start my morning.

"We then took a bus to China Town, where we wandered around and had a delicious Dim Sum meal for lunch. After that, we hopped on the tram and headed to the self proclaimed, largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere! The seafood there looked so tasty and incredibly fresh, and we just couldn't help ourselves; we had a second little lunch of oysters and salmon. The seafood exceeded our expectations and even rivaled our first lunch, which I was sure couldn't be topped."

- Kara Lehman ’14

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