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The World Wide Leader in Internships - Corey Delaney '16

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By Dartmouth
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Hello everyone!

This is Corey Delaney, a ’16 midfielder from women’s soccer. I have spent my off term in New York City working for ESPN. I have been living at home in New Jersey and commuting back and forth to the city everyday, either driving with my dad or taking the train. I soon realized that commuting was not that enjoyable so I tried to stay in New York City a couple nights a week with my aunt, who also works in the city. While I hoped to escape the rough Hanover winter term, it seems to have followed me to NYC, as it has been one of the worst winters ever with record snowfall and low temperatures.

However, it has been nice living at home where my laundry is done for me, and my meals are made for me (most of the time).

At ESPN I have been working with the Marketing Media team promoting various campaigns on-channel (on any ESPN platform) and off-channel (on other non-ESPN platforms). I have learned a lot about the media field and how much planning and effort goes into what people see on TV, the internet or their mobile phones. As an intern for the media team, I have interacted with many other teams, which has allowed me to broaden my knowledge about the business, and how ESPN specifically works. The work environment is unbelievable and everyone has been very nice and helpful. One thing I love about ESPN is that everyone who works there is a sports fan. The office is decorated with sports murals and everyone’s desk or office features paraphernalia of their favorite team. In addition, there is a large jumbotron in the office that came in handy for watching the Olympics! And of course I have met a few Dartmouth alums that work here, and it’s been great to speak to them about their Dartmouth experience.  

Since NYC is not too far away I was able to visit Dartmouth twice this term and catch up with everyone on campus. Being away from Dartmouth really makes me appreciate how much I love school, and I can’t wait to get back up there for the slightly warmer spring term. I have two weeks remaining in my internship before spring break, and then I finally return to Hanover. I am very thankful that I was able to intern at ESPN and I am excited to be back on campus soon to rejoin my teammates both on and off the soccer field.