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General Policies & Information 

For Gym Members, Students, FLIP Participants & Visitors

ATHLETIC IDs: The athletic venues for recreational activities in Alumni Gym & Berry Center are controlled access facilities and anyone who wishes to use them must have a current student ID, Fitness Membership, FLIP card, or will need to purchase a day pass. For information about purchasing a membership, call 603.646.8106, or visit our Membership Info page:

Each gym user, including children, must have his or her own ID. All users must show their membership ID or other pass to the monitor each time they enter the gym and at each venue, even if the monitor knows them.  Anyone who does not have a membership should check in with the front desk monitor at the Wheelock Street entrance.

Your Dartmouth ID card is yours alone, and may not be used by anyone else to gain access to the gym. We do not provide free day passes to fitness members who forget or lose their IDs, or whose cards are damaged and not working. Please retrieve or replace your card before coming to the gym.

ID cards are issued at the Dartmouth Card ID office after you have purchased your membership.  For more information on the Dartmouth Card ID Office, please visit their website:

BICYCLES: Bicycles must be parked in the bike racks provided near the gym, not left leaning against the building, or attached to railings. Bicycles, roller blades and skateboards are not allowed in the building.

CHILDREN & TEENS: Children must also have gym memberships or day passes to use the gym. They are not included in their parents' membership.

Children under the age of 18 may not purchase a day pass or gym membership for themselves, but must have a parent purchase it for them and sign the waiver. You MUST be 18 years or older to use the Zimmerman Fitness Center (and get a PLUS membership).

During the summer months (June – September), 16 & 17 year olds are permitted to use Zimmerman with a valid day pass, summer membership or PLUS level membership.  The minor’s parent or legal guardian, must sign a waiver at the point of purchase for the minor’s membership or be present to sign for the day pass at the point of purchase.

Children under the age of 13 may not be in the gym alone, but must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.

No child age 5 or older may go into a locker room or bathroom of the opposite sex.


POLICIES REGARDING MINORS:  Out of concern for the comfort and safety of people under 18 in our facilities and to protect yourself from being misunderstood:

  • Do not use your smart phone or any other equipment to take pictures in locker rooms, showers and bathrooms.
  • To the greatest extent possible, disrobe and dress discreetly and remain covered when walking around.
  • Wrap yourself in a towel when entering, using and exiting the sauna.
  • Do not engage in any sexual activity or behavior that could be perceived as sexual.

If you are concerned about the safety of someone who appears to be younger than 18 whom you observe in athletic facilities:

  • Intervene if you feel safe doing so
  • Immediately go to the Athletics Facilities Office, Room 119

If you are concerned about any kind of sexual or physical mistreatment of a child, under New Hampshire law you should report to the New Hampshire Child Protection Services. To make a report, call between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday - Friday, at 800-894-5533 (in state) or 603-271-6562 (out of state). Then call the Hanover Police Department, at 603-643-2222 and Dartmouth College Safety & Security at 646-4000. If you are not sure that you should make a report to New Hampshire Child Protection Services, you may call Safety & Security first.


DAY PASS:  Anyone over 18 may purchase a day pass to the gym at the front desk inside the Wheelock Street entrance.  For pass rates, please call the Front Desk at 603.646.1384.

E-MAIL:  We use e-mail to communicate with our gym members and update them on changes in facility schedules and renewal information. Gym members should be sure to update us any time their e-mail address changes.

FACILITY SCHEDULES:  Athletic facility users should be aware that the athletic venues may not be available at all posted times, that college athletic facilities are scheduled with intercollegiate teams, student activities, and special college events receiving priority, and that all schedules are subject to change without notice.

ZIMMERMAN FITNESS CENTER:  The Zimmerman Fitness Center, which contains free weights, nautilus and aerobic machines, is on the third floor of Alumni Gym. To use the Zimmerman Fitness Center, you must be over 18 years old, have a Fitness Membership, or day pass. FLIP class participants may use the Zimmerman Fitness Center only during a class that works out there.

During the summer months (June – September), 16 & 17 year olds are permitted to use Zimmerman with a valid day pass, summer membership or PLUS level membership.  The minor’s parent or legal guardian, must sign a waiver at the point of purchase for the minor’s membership or be present to sign for the day pass at the point of purchase.


Dartmouth College Employees: All benefits eligible employees’ enrolled Cigna are eligible to receive up to $200 reimbursement per year (per subscriber or per family) from Cigna for the purchase of their fitness membership.  For more details, please visit the Dartmouth Wellness website:

Non-employee gym members should check with their health insurance plans to see if they are eligible for a fitness reimbursement program, and we will assist, if possible.

INJURY: Each member or day pass holder must sign a general waiver regarding responsible use of the facilities and risk of injury. Any injury should be reported to the Athletic Facilities Office or Evening & Weekend Manager in Room 119.

LOCKERS: Lockers are available to any gym member, while supplies last. You may keep your locker if you renew promptly each July. Personal locks are not allowed. We will provide the combination to the locks on the lockers. Fitness members who do not have lockers may still use the locker rooms for changing and showers. Please do not use the bathrooms for changing.

LOST & FOUND: The Dartmouth College Athletic Department is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Gym users should not leave items of value unattended. There is a lost and found at both the Athletic Facilities Office and the Fitness Center.

PETS: With the exception of Service dogs, pets are not allowed in any athletic venue, nor may they be tied up on gym property. This is for the protection of your pets and our clientele.

POOL SAFETY: No one is allowed in the pool if there is no lifeguard present. Open Rec swimming offers lap swimming only; there is no children's area. To use the pool, one must be able to swim 30 yards unassisted, and infants and toddlers are not eligible to use the pool. The diving boards are off limits during open rec swimming except when under the direction of the diving coach.

REFUNDS:   Refunds for the purchase of a membership will be granted within 14 days of the date of purchase less an administrative fee of $25.

Refunds for lockers will only be granted within 14 days of the date of purchase.  The locker must be cleared out and the lock must be left on the locker.  No refunds will be issued for lockers after the two week time period.

Individuals who have been issued a Dartmouth Fitness ID Card may be asked to surrender their card at the time of their refund.



If you have a substantial medical condition (i.e. broken bone, require surgery, etc.) or become temporally disabled during the course of your membership, Dartmouth Fitness will require documentation from your physician.  In most cases, Dartmouth Fitness will place a hold on your account for the duration of time that you are unable to utilize your membership.  Notification of such a condition is required prior to placing the account on hold.  Backdated support documentation does not obligate Dartmouth Fitness to an extension of your account.


Partial refunds for full year memberships may be granted to gym members who are moving more than 2 hours away from the facility.  You may be required to provide documentation (i.e. lease, new utility bill, etc.) of your move.

The partial refunds for full year memberships are prorated under the following conditions:


The refund calculation will be the original purchase price minus approximately 1/3 of the membership plus an administrative fee of $50.


The refund calculation will be the original purchase price minus approximately 2/3 of the membership plus an administrative fee of $50.

Refunds will not be granted for memberships purchased after the November 1st price break. 

RUNNING TRACKS:  We have two running tracks available for gym members. The ¼ mile Memorial Field track is available seasonally, conditions permitting, from dawn until dusk, except when teams are practicing there. The 1/13 mile track in west end of Alumni Gym is available during all gym hours except during special events. These tracks are for running and walking only. No strollers, skateboards, rollerblades are allowed.

SHOES:  You must wear clean, non-court marking shoes at all times on our squash, racquetball and recreational basketball courts and in the multipurpose rooms used for FLIP and PE classes. In the Fitness Center, you must wear clean athletic shoes, or use the shoe cleaner before entering the exercise area.

SMOKING:  Smoking is not allowed anywhere in Alumni Gym, Berry Center or any athletic fields and facilities.

TRAINING:  Only Dartmouth College coaches and/or personal trainers are permitted to provide training or any level of instruction in any Dartmouth College athletic venue.

Anyone who does not comply with the policies of the Dartmouth College Athletic Facilities risks revocation of his or her Fitness Membership or participation in FLIP classes.