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Year: Senior
Hometown: New York, Ny
High School: Bronx High School of Science


Why Dartmouth?

Besides the obvious academic prestige, Dartmouth had the most welcoming student body, none of whom came off as pretentious.

How long have you been sailing and what got you interested in sailing?

I have been sailing since I was 8. My dad got me into sailing when I would do saturday series with him in Hereshoff 12.5.

What Sailing or Academic achievements are you particularly proud of?

When I sailed with Graham Landy we won Youth Champs, Orange Bowl, BBR and i420 North AMericans. When sailing with Ian Liberty we won Youth World qualifiers and competed at the Youth Worlds in Turkey.

Tell us something interesting about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates.

I didn't really fully enjoy sailing until I got out of optis.

What are your future sailing and career plans?

I'm hoping to do a 49er campaign for 2016 or 2020 Olympics with Ian Liberty.

What sports or activities did you pursue in high school, and what do you hope to continue at Dartmouth?

I played a lot of minor sports such as ultimate frisbee. I was never on a varsity team but spent most of my free weekends going to sailing practive which I plan to do when I get to Dartmouth.

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