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Dartmouth Squash Facilities

Members of the men's and women's squash teams make full use of Dartmouth's athletic facilities, for both competition and conditioning. The facilities include:

* 10 international courts

* The Varsity Center in Floren

* A six-lane, 200-yard polyurethane indoor track in Leverone Field House that was resurfaced in 2001

* An eight-lane, 400-meter track inside Memorial Field that was also recently renovated and resurfaced

Already one of the finest racquet facilities in the nation, the John W. Berry Sports Center underwent extensive renovations during the summer of 2002.

With a substantial amount of funding from an anonymous donor, the number of international courts was doubled from five to 10. Originally dedicated on November 21, 1987, the courts are the home for both the men's and women's intercollegiate teams at Dartmouth

The Racquet Center features the Herrick Court, one of only three permanent international exhibition courts in North America with three glass walls. That court, along with four others, was converted for international play in the summer of 1994. In addition to the 10 international courts, the Berry Center houses tthree racquetball courts. The building's architecture is one of its most striking features, as a large skylight brightens the interior and gives the building and the squash court area an expansive feel.

Since its opening as one of the premier squash facilities in the country, Dartmouth has hosted the men's and women's Intercollegiate Singles Championships three times -- in 1988, 1991 and 1997 -- as well as the national junior championships three times, most recently in 1996. Men's and women's professional tournaments and several exhibitions and clinics have also been held in the Berry Center.

Annual events take place at Dartmouth, including the Ian Paine Memorial Tournament for collegiate players, the Foliage Junior Tournament and two regional USSRA-sanctioned events -- the Snowflake, which is played the first weekend in January, and the Mud Bowl Tournament in May.

Floren Varsity House
Members of Dartmouth's athletic teams utilize a state-of-the-art varsity weight room in the Floren Varsity House. This versatile building was made possible by a $25 million leadership gift from Olivia and Doug Floren ’63 of Greenwich, Conn., and their family. The 10,000-square foot strength center in the Floren Varsity House allows student-athletes to undergo effective strength, power, plyometric, agility, flexibility and conditioning programs under the supervision of head strength coach Bob Miller. The equipment in the strength center benefits all 34 of Dartmouth’s varsity programs. Equipment in the Floren Varsity House weight room includes:

20 platforms & racks
3 belt squat machines
3 sets of iron dumbbells
4 cable lat pulldowns
4 Russian boxes    
Assorted hammer machines
8 glute and hamstring machines
6 adjustable cable columns
12 cardio machines

For More Information on Dartmouth squash contact:
Hansi Wiens
Head Coach, Dartmouth Squash
6083 Alumni Gym
Hanover, N.H. 03755-3512
Phone: (603) 646-1495
Fax: (603) 646-3348