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Alumni Gym
Zimmerman Fitness Center

About Alumni Gym

  • Built - 1909
  • Renovated - 2005
  • 129,000 Square Feet
  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • Intramural Basketball Courts
  • 1/13 mile indoor track
  • Fencing Lanes
  • Rowing Room with Training Tanks
  • 14,000 Square Foot Fitness Center
  • 8 Multi-Use Fitness Spaces
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Elevator Access


When Alumni Gymnasium was built in 1909, it was thought to be one of the most complete in the Eastern states. The Alumni Gymnasium contains two swimming pools, including the modern Karl Michael championship pool with bleachers for 400 spectators, intramural basketball courts, squash courts, 1/13 of a mile jogging track, fencing lanes, and a rowing room complete with training tanks within its 129,000 square feet.

A $12 million renovation to Alumni Gymnasium, the 95-year-old centerpiece of Dartmouth's athletic complex, was completed in 2005. Included in the renovation was the creation of a 14,000-square foot recreational fitness center, eight new multi-use fitness spaces, comprising about 10,000-square feet, infrastructure improvements to Karl Michael Pool, handicap accessibility, and an elevator serving the gym's three levels.