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Members of Major League Professional Teams

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Leon Viau '88 Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Spiders, Louisville Colonels, Boston Beaneaters
Fred W. Woodcock '91 Pittsburgh Pirates
Frank H. O'Connor '92 Philadelphia Phillies
Frederick Crolius '99 Boston Beaneaters, Pittsburgh Pirates
Laurence Varney '02 Cleveland Blues
Fred H. Brown '03 Boston Beaneaters
Ralph Glaze '06 Boston Braves
John T. Meyers '09 New York Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Braves
Chester A. Emerson '11 Philadelphia Athletics
David B. Morey '13 Philadelphia Athletics
Howard S. Fahey '14 Philadelphia Athletics
Fletcher Low '15 Boston Braves
Thomas J. Whelan '19 Boston Braves
Leroy E. Maynard '20 Boston Red Sox
Walter H. Kopf '22 New York Giants
Merwin W. (Swede) Swenson '23 AFL posthumously
Foster H. Edwards '25 Boston Braves, New York Yankees
William Yarnall '25  Philadelphia Phillies
William R. Breckenridge '30 Philadelphia Athletics
Robert A. Rolfe '31 New York Yankees
Theodore O. Olson '36 Boston Red Sox
Peter W. Burnside '52 New York Giants, San Francisco Giants, Detroit Tigers, Washington Senators, Baltimore Orioles
Arthur L. Quirk Jr. '59 Baltimore Orioles, Washington Senators
Charles F. Seelbach Jr. '70 Detroit Tigers
Peter S. Broberg '72 Washington Senators, Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, Oakland A's
James L. Beattie '76 New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners
Michael J. Remlinger '88, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox
Mark P. Johnson '90, Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Angels (Anaheim), New York Mets
Bradley D. Ausmus '91 Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers
Edward L. Lucas '04, Miami Marlins

James Picken '27 Paterson (ABL)
Ralph Langdell '28 Paterson (ABL)
Robert F. MacLoed '39 Chicago Bruins
George B. Munroe '43 Boston Celtics
Richard McGuire '44V-12 New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons
Audley Brindley '46 New York Knicks
Edward H. Leede '49 Boston Celtics
James H. Francis '57 San Francisco, ABA Saints
Rudy A. LaRusso '59 Los Angeles Lakers
Walter S. Palmer '90 Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks
James Blackwell '91, Charlotte Hornets, Boston Celtics

Milton P. Ghee '15 Chicago Tigers, Cleveland Indians
Raymond S. MacMurray '17 Muncie Flyers
Karl Thielscher '17 Buffalo All-Americans
F. Joseph DuSossoit (Duke) '18 New York Giants
Edward F. Healey '18 Rock Island Independents, Chicago Bears
Adolf F. Youngstrom '18 Buffalo All-Americans, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians, Frankford Yellow Jackets
Charles H. Guy '19 Detroit Heralds, Buffalo All-Americans, Cleveland Indians, Dayton Triangles
John A. Shelburne '19 Hammond Pros
Thomas J. Whelan '19 Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians
John F. Bryan '20 Chicago Bears, Milwaukee Badgers
Gustave Sonnenberg '20 Buffalo All-Americans, Columbus Tigers, Detroit Panthers, Providence Steam Roller
J. Philip Bower '21 Cleveland Indians
Joseph T. Murphy '21 Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians
Charles F. Burke ' 23 Providence Steam Rollers
Vernon B, Hagenbuckle '24 Boston Bulldogs AFL, Providence Steam Rollers
Harvey L. Haws '24 Frankford Yellow Jackets
Gerald S. Maloney '24 Providence Steam Rollers, New York Yankees AFL, Boston Bulldogs
George C. Tully '27 Philadelphia Quakers AFL, Frankford Yellow Jackets
Robert F. MacLeod '39 Chicago Bears
William D. Hutchinson '40, New York Giants
Robert Kreiger '41 Philadelphia Eagles
Joseph A. Crowley '43 Boston Yanks
Edsel W. Gustafson '43N Brooklyn Tigers AAFC
James M Landrigan '43N Baltimore Colts
Alexander J. Wizbicki '43N Buffalo Bills AAFC
Nicholas J. Daukas '44 Brooklyn Tigers AAFC
Jonathan Jenkins '49 Baltimore Colts, New York Yankees AAFC
William J. Roberts '51 Green Bay Packers
John J. Crouthamel '60 Boston Patriots
Donald B. McKinnon '63 Boston Patriots
Gordon A. Rule '68 Green Bay Packers
James A. Chasey '71 Montreal Alouettes CFL
Reginald Williams '76 Cincinnati Bengals
Gregg A. Robinson '78 New York Jets
Dominic G. Lowery '78 New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets
Jeffrey A. Kemp '81 Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles
David D. Shula '81 Baltimore Colts
Jay B. Fiedler '94 Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets
Zachary C. Walz '98 Arizona Cardinals
Lloyd S. Lee '98 San Diego Chargers
Adam K. R. Young '99 New York Giants, San Diego Chargers
Casey R. Cramer '04 Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins
Derham V. Cato '05 Toronto Argonauts CFL
Anthony T. Gargiulo '06 Calgary Stampeders CFL

Myles J. Lane '28 New York Rangers
Edward J. Jeremiah '30 New York Americans, Boston Bruins
Carey J. Wilson '83 Calgary Flames, Hartford Whalers, New York Rangers
David A. Williams '90 San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Scott Fraser '94 Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers
Lee E. Stempniak '05 St Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames
Benjamin N. Lovejoy '06 Pittsburgh Penguins
Tanner J. W. Glass '07 Florida Panthers, Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets, Pittsburgh Penguins
D. Grant Lewis '07 Atlanta Thrashers
David E. Jones '08 Colorado Avalanche
Hugh S. Jessiman '06, Florida Panthers
Nicholas V. Johnson '08, Pittsburgh Penguins
James T. Wyman '08, Montreal Canadiens

Thomas M. Daniels '04 New Jersey Pride, Boston Cannons
Andrew S. Goldstein '05 Long Island Lizards
Benjamin W. Grinnell '05 New Jersey Pride
Ryan P. Danehy '06 Boston Cannons
Bradley E. Heritage '06 Chicago Machine
Nicholas M. Bonacci '07 Long Island Lizards
Ari R. Sussman '10 Rochester Rattlers, 2011; Boston Cannons, 2013-14

Frank E. Gallo '75 Tacoma Tide ASL
Paul B. Mott III '80 Tampa NSL, New York United ASL
Andrew E. Shue '89 Los Angeles Galaxy MSL
Vladica M. Stanojovic '90 New Mexico Chilies ASL
Kristin S. Luckenbill '01 Carolina Courage WUSA, Boston Breakers WPS
Mary R. McVeigh '03 Philadelphia Charge WUSA