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WORCESTER, Mass. – The No. 11 Dartmouth heavyweight rowing team had a strong showing at the Eastern Sprints Regatta on Sunday on Lake Quinsigamond. Dartmouth took second place in a handful of events on three different levels.

In the fourth varsity eight event the Big Green finished fourth in the first heat (6:04.74) advancing to the petite final where they took second (6:04.37) one second behind Cornell (6:03.40). 

One of Dartmouth’s best result of the day came in the third varsity eight first heat, where the green and white took second place (5:55.62) behind Yale (5:53.69). In the grand final, the Big Green came in sixth (5:59.62) as the Bulldogs took first place. 

Again in the first heat, Dartmouth proved successful for the second varsity eight events coming in second (5:48.27). The Big Green continued on to the grand final where they finished sixth (6:17.04) behind Harvard (6:07.10).

The first varsity is where the team in green and white completed the best finish of the day in a final event, taking second place in the petite final (6:05.61) after coming in third during the second heat (5:42.39) and advancing to the final. In the petite final Dartmouth finished ahead of Cornell by just .12 of a second while Penn came in fourth (6:07.92) and George Washington (6:10.50).

The Big Green compete next at the IRA Regatta, which takes place the first weekend of June.


Jake Rauh (C), Evan Dwinell (S), Joseph Carleo (7), Gustav Arvidsson (6), Paul Gralla (5), Caleb Edmundson (4), Noah Van Dyke (3), Oliver Bub (2), Brendan Caltavuturo (B) 

Emma Cooper (C), Luke Hudspeth (S), Austin Heye (7), Albert Mitchell (6), Ian Marx (5), Liam Davidson (4), William Berkowitz (3), Marc Sevastopoulo (2), Will Sanford (B) 

Avery Salumbides (C), Joseph Hajjar (S), Bogdan Belincevic (7), Christian Frey (6), George Atkins (5), Dan Kramer (4), Harrison Taylor (3), Liam Keane (2), Henry Sanford (B) 

Annika Park (C), Charlie Lebens (S), Sean White (7), Seth Chatterton (6), Jon Scott (5), Clayton Kiyonaga (4), Ben Wisdom (3), Morgan Bronson (2), Christopher Wright (1)