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Adherence with NCAA and State legislation as it relates to agents and advisors is of immense importance to Dartmouth College and its Athletics Department (Dartmouth Athletics). We respectfully request your cooperation when it comes to NCAA regulations, Dartmouth Athletics policies and New Hampshire State laws governing agent and advisor interactions.

In order to protect our student-athletes and the institution from potential NCAA violations, athletics department policy requires all agents and advisors to register with the Compliance Office on an annual basis. Further, New Hampshire State law requires agents to register with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office.

In accordance with New Hampshire State law, agents and advisors are prohibited from initiating contact with student-athletes without being properly registered with Dartmouth Athletics, the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office, and the appropriate players association. 


If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Jake Munick at 603-646-1378 or

New Hampshire State Registration

The Uniform Athlete Agents Act (UAAA) is a model state law that provides a means of regulating the conduct of athlete agents. New Hampshire is one of 41 states to have enacted the UAAA, requiring an athlete agent to register with a state authority in order to act as an athlete agent in New Hampshire.

To properly register with the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office, please visit their official website HERE.

Dartmouth College Registration

All agents and advisors who wish to interact with a Dartmouth Athletics student-athlete must register with the Compliance Office on an annual basis. Registration is valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.

Either registering for the first time or renewing an existing registration with Dartmouth Athletics, the athlete agent must complete the Dartmouth College Athlete Agent Registration Form: *Download to fill out electronically

*Please note that an agent must provide proof of registration with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office (SOS), and he/she must be certified with the appropriate professional players association(s).

Registration Confirmation

Once registered with the State of New Hampshire and the Dartmouth Athletics Compliance Office, an agent/advisor will be:

  • - Informed via e-mail of a completed registration
  • - Identified as a registered agent or advisor in materials provided to Dartmouth Athletics student-athletes and their families
  • - Identified as a registered agent on the Compliance Office website (below)
  • - Eligible to speak with Dartmouth Athletics student-athletes who have exhausted their intercollegiate eligibility, or have been approved to speak with those who have not, by Dartmouth College's Director of Athletics (or a desginee).


Definitions & Applications
12.02.1 Agent.
An agent is any individual who, directly or indirectly:

(a) Represents or attempts to represent an individual for the purpose of marketing his or her athletics ability or reputation for financial gain; or

(b) Seeks to obtain any type of financial gain or benefit from securing a prospective student-athlete’s enrollment at an educational institution or from a student-athlete’s potential earnings as a professional athlete. Application. An agent may include, but is not limited to, a certified contract advisor, financial advisor, marketing representative, brand manager or anyone who is employed or associated with such persons.

Amateur Status
12.1.2 Amateur Status.
An individual loses amateur status and thus shall not be eligible for intercollegiate competition in a particular sport if the individual enters into an agreement with an agent.

Use of Agents
12.3.1 General Rule.
An individual shall be ineligible for participation in an intercollegiate sport if he or she ever has agreed (orally or in writing) to be represented by an agent for the purpose of marketing his or her athletics ability or reputation in that sport. Further, an agency contract not specifically limited in writing to a sport or particular sports shall be deemed applicable to all sports, and the individual shall be ineligible to participate in any sport. Representation for Future Negotiations. An individual shall be ineligible per Bylaw 12.3.1 if he or she enters into a verbal or written agreement with an agent for representation in future professional sports negotiations that are to take place after the individual has completed his or her eligibility in that sport. Benefits from Prospective Agents. An individual shall be ineligible per Bylaw 12.3.1 if he or she (or his or her relatives or friends) accepts transportation or other benefits from: 

(a) Any person who represents any individual in the marketing of his or her athletics ability. The receipt of such expenses constitutes compensation based on athletics skill and is an extra benefit not available to the student body in general; or

(b) An agent, even if the agent has indicated that he or she has no interest in representing the student-athlete in the marketing of his or her athletics ability or reputation and does not represent individuals in the student-athlete's sport. Exception - Career Counseling and Internship/Job Placement Services. A student-athlete may use career counseling and internship/job placement services available exclusively to student-athletes, provided the student-athlete is not placed in a position in which the student-athlete uses his or her athletics ability.

12.3.2 Legal Counsel. Securing advice from a lawyer concerning a proposed professional sports contract shall not be considered contracting for representation by an agent under this rule, unless the lawyer also represents the individual in negotiations for such a contract. Presence of a Lawyer at Negotiations. A lawyer may not be present during discussions of a contract offer with a professional organization or have any direct contact (in person, by telephone or by mail) with a professional sports organization on behalf of the individual. A lawyer’s presence during such discussions is considered representation by an agent.

12.3.3 Athletics Scholarship Agent. Any individual, agency or organization that represents a prospective student-athlete for compensation in placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid shall be considered an agent or organization marketing the individual’s athletics ability or reputation. Talent Evaluation Services and Agents. A prospective student-athlete may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g., high school academic and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid.

As of June 1, 2017

The following individuals have registered with Dartmouth Athletics Compliance Office and the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office for the 2017-18 academic year: