SEATTLE – The Dartmouth heavyweight first varsity eight and second varsity eight took part in the 27th annual Windermere Cup race on the Montlake Cut in Seattle, Wash., on Saturday (May 4).

The Big Green, who were joined at the race by fellow Ivy League foe Cornell, took fourth in the Erickson Cascade Cup race in the second varsity eight and was third in the Windermere Cup race in the first varsity eight race.

Dartmouth’s fourth-place finish in the second varsity eight was just a little over a second off the third-place team. The crew from Oregon State inched across the finish line with a time of 6:15.6, just ahead of the Big Green who crossed the finish line with a time of 6:16.5.

In the marquee first varsity eight match-up for the highly anticipated Windermere Cup, Washington dominated the race from start to finish, taking their seventh consecutive Windermere Cup with a time of 5:45.0 ahead of the Cornell crew that finished second with a time of 5:57.1. The Big Green crossed with a time of 6:03.7. The Huskies haven’t lost an opening day race since 2006.

Dartmouth also sent several crews to Cornell for races this weekend. The Big Green sent its third varsity eight and a varsity four to race the Big Red in Ithaca, N.Y.

The Big Red won the varsity four and the third varsity eight race. Dartmouth, who raced only one boat in each race, took third in each event. In the varsity four, Cornell won with a time of 6:32.7 and the Big Green crossed with a time of 7:16.3.

In the third varsity eight, it was a tight race between the three crews. Cornell’s third varsity eight crossed with a time of 5:55.5 to win the event. The battle for second and third was close as the Big Red fourth boat just edged out Dartmouth with a time of 6:07.1, ahead of the Big Green’s time of 6:08.8.

The Big Green will travel next week to Syracuse to battle the Orange for the coveted Packard Cup.

First Varsity Eight (at Windermere Cup)

Washington                           5:45.0
Cornell                                    5:57.1
Dartmouth                             6:03.7

Second Varsity Eight
Washington                           5:59.7
Cornell                                    6:11.4
Oregon State                          6:15.6
Dartmouth                             6:16.5

Varsity Four (at Cornell)
Cornell                                    6:32.7
Cornell                                    6:40.6
Dartmouth                             7:16.3

Third Varsity Eight
Cornell 3V                              5:55.5
Cornell 4V                              6:07.1
Dartmouth                             6:08.8

Dartmouth Lineups
First Varsity Eight
C-Julia Herringer
8-Jake Esse
7-Quinn Harper
6-Stuart Maeder
5-Richard Newsome-White
4-John Strizich
3-Rob Truesdale
2-Andrew Kenealy
1-Brendon Stoner

Second Varsity Eight
C- Greg Zales
8- Max Kinne
7- Paul Champeau
6- Bobby Moffitt
5- Bryan Rogers
4- Ryan Ganong
3- Sam Seder
2- Henry Franco
1- Fred Day

Third Varsity Eight
C-Reilly Bertasi
8-Brad Plunkett
7-John Cresap
6- Ryan Ganong
5-Tim Brown
4-Bryce Cody
3-Jack Heise
2-Sam Seehof
1-Jamie Billings

Varsity Four
C-Nick Shallow
4-Bryce Cody
3-Will Johnson
2-Rahul Raina
1-Kristo Jorgenson