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Women's Crew Races For O'Leary Cup

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The Big Green raced for the O'Leary Cup on Sunday.     By Dartmouth
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SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The Dartmouth women’s crew team took on Syracuse and Radcliffe on Lake Onondaga on Sunday (April 21). The racing conditions were sunny with winds from the north at 12 mph.  Radcliffe claimed the O’Leary Cup for the second consecutive season and won all five races.

Dartmouth dropped all four races but there was some really good racing. The Big Green boated a varsity eight, second varsity eight, varsity four and second varsity four.

The first varsity eight race was close but Radcliffe won the race with a time of 6:47.9. The times between Syracuse and Dartmouth were very close with the host Orange taking runner-up honors with a time of 6:55.3, just ahead of the Big Green who crossed with a time of 6:57.7.

The second varsity eight race was equally as close. Radcliffe won the race with a time of 6:51.6 ahead of Syracuse, who crossed with a time of 7:01.4, three second ahead of the Big Green boat.

The Big Green placed third in the varsity four races. In the second varsity four race, the Big Green crossed with a time of 8:08.1 and in the first varsity four race Dartmouth’s time was 7:59.0, six seconds off the runners up from Syracuse.

Dartmouth is back on the water on April 27 when they travel to Princeton, N.J., to take on Penn and Princeton for the Class of 1985 Cup.


Third/Fourth Varsity Eight
Radcliffe 3V         7:11.7
Syracuse 3V        7:25.1
Radcliffe 4V         7:29.1

Second Varsity Four
Radcliffe               7:42.8
Syracuse              8:01.3
Dartmouth            8:08.1

First Varsity Four
Radcliffe               7:45.0
Syracuse              7:53.0
Dartmouth            7:59.0

Second Varsity Eight
Radcliffe               6:51.6
Syracuse              7:01.4
Dartmouth            7:04.1

First Varsity Eight
Radcliffe               6:47.9
Syracuse              6:55.3
Dartmouth            6:57.7

Dartmouth Lineups

Second Varsity Four
Cox Shiali Lum
4 Molly Leen
3 Caroline Estill
2 Sarah McGowan
1 Arenne Clark

First Varsity Four
Cox Janine Jablonski
4 Lauren Dahlberg Seeth
3 Kate Hamilton
2 Lexie Lynn
1 Gianna Guarino

Second Varsity Eight
Cox Bianca Jackson
8 Lilly Fleischmann
7 Molly Reckford
6 Eva Munday
5 Caroline Allan
4 Catherine Most
3 Abby Thornburg
2 Margo Cox
1 Maya Schechter

First Varsity Eight
Cox Carly Rauh
8 Kelly Kennedy
7 Anna Harty
6 Abby Stevenson
5 Juliet Hollingsworth
4 Lilly Maguire
3 Morgan Weller
2 Annie Gardner
1 Sarah Rutter