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Hi Everyone!!

I have been in the beautiful city of Barcelona the last few months, where I have spent my time improving my Spanish, exploring the city and taking the opportunity to travel around Europe!

My first four weeks in Barcelona consisted of a lot of Spanish grammar, culture and exploration. Class lasted for four hours every morning, and focused on basic aspects of the Spanish language and practical knowledge about life in Barcelona. In the afternoon, my favorite thing to do was to set off with my camera and explore one of the many neighborhoods of the city. I would like to say that I learned a lot about all parts of the city this way, but usually I just ended up in an area called The Gothic. The Gothic is known for its small, winding streets where you can get lost for a few hours (which I definitely did quite a few times), and has the best little cafes and stores! 

Sadly, this little four-week vacation came to an end and I started my job as an intern at a small company called Bornbike Barcelona. I am in charge of the United States market and am focused on forming and/or strengthening relationships with different American clients. My internship mostly focuses on marketing, but I have learned a lot about the finances and strategy required for a small business. It has been nice to get into a routine and work every day, and fortunately I have been blessed with fantastic coworkers-something that has made my experience a lot more enjoyable! 

I have been lucky enough to travel all around Europe this term, an experience that I will never forget! I met up with teammates Lindsey Allard, Bailey Johnson and Kristen Giovanniello in London about a month ago, where we explored all the sights and acted like the American tourists that we are. Since then, Bailey Johnson and I have visited Rome and Florence (a personal favorite of mine-a big thank you to Ellie Clayton for some great suggestions!), and this past weekend she came to visit Barcelona!  We were able to fit in many of the things that Barcelona has to offer, such as an FC Barcelona soccer game and Gaudi's famous creations Park Guell and Sagrada Familia.

My time in Barcelona has gone by quickly, but I am so thankful for the incredible experience that I have had. Although I will be sad to leave, I am excited to be going to Australia with the team so soon. Less than a month-the countdown is on!!!


Liz Calby '14