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Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities

Dartmouth women’s lacrosse players  will take terms away from Hanover in the fall of their junior year. The opportunity to study abroad or complete internships during the school year, while also playing elite-level lacrosse, is unique to Dartmouth. This page will showcase some of the many vast experiences of current and former players.

Study Abroad Experience Blogs
One of the best ways to learn about the D-Plan is through our student-athletes' own words. For the past two years, Dartmouth's juniors have written updates during their off-terms to share their unique experiences. Countries visited by just the last two classes include: France, Italy, Jordan, Morocco and South Africa.

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Below are snapshots and reflections on some of the vast and opportunities taken by our student-athletes. In addition to the time they spend studying, working or volunteering, the women have plenty of time for traveling and exploring nations and entire continents

 Sarah Parks ’12 and Kirsten Goldberg ’12 in South Africa  
Kirsten Goldberg ’12
Cape Town, South Africa • Hospital Internship

I spent the fall of 2010 working at the world reknowned Children's Red Cross Hospital, touted to be the best children's hospital in all of Africa! I spent part of my week working in the inpatient wards with various children, and the balance of the week shadowing a neurosurgeon, which included bi- weekly visits to the operating room. I had the opportunity to watch dozens of unbelievable surgeries, including a temporal lobectomy where the surgeons actually extracted the entire right temporal lobe from the brain of a nine-year-old boy. I stood next to surgeons as they operated, and for my benefit, they allowed for momentary breaks during the procedure to describe regions of the brain, to point out tumors, to demonstrate how CT scans and MRI's correlate to the inside of the child's brain, etc. My experience at the hospital was completely eye-opening, and at times heart-wrenching as we have lost quite a few children during my time here.              
Read more about Kirsten's trip here.
Hope McIntyre ’11
Rabat, Morocco • Orphanage Volunteer

I could not have asked for a more amazing opportunity during my
time in college. My time spent volunteering in Morocco helped me
learn first hand about a unique language and religion, gave me time to explore a new country and continent, and empowered me to make positive changes to the world in the future. The five weeks I spent in Morocco are some of the most memorable in my life. I will never
forget riding a camel into the Sahara dessert or helping make the children at the orphanage smile.
Read more about Hope's experiences here.

Dana Brisbane ’12
Paris, France • Art Gallery Internship

I spent the fall 2010 term interning at a small contemporary art gallery in Paris, France, where I also lived with teammate Georgia Bird ’12. As an art history major who hadn't studied much past 1800, contemporary art was completely bewildering, but in the best way possible. I arrived just as John, the owner, was installing a new show so I witnessed the whole process from start to finish. The artist, Lucky Debellevue, is known for his freestanding pipe-cleaner sculptures (the word pipe-cleaner is chenille in French — I think it means caterpillar which made me chuckle). The exhibition opening was one of my favorite nights in Paris. I got to talk to a few really interesting artists and art critics who came to support Lucky during the opening and also at a dinner party afterwards. Everyone at the table had something interesting to say (usually in a mixture of English and French - Franglais) so I just sat and took it all in.
Read more about Dana's time in Paris and trips around Europe here.


The stories above are just a small sampling of the numerous opportunities that Dartmouth women's lacrosse players have had thanks to the Dartmouth Plan. Here are some more examples of current and former player's adventures:

Kat Collins '11

Off Term Location & Program: Buenos Aires, Argentina, GIC Argentina
Description: I spent the term in Argentina, going to a Spanish school and working with the human rights organization, Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo. I rented an apartment with three friends from Dartmouth, but we were all doing different programs.

Abigail Holden '11
Off Term Location & Program: Florence, Italy, Global Experiences
Description: I attended the Linguaviva International School, taking Italian classes for four weeks and then did a two month internship at a small, family-owned art gallery. I lived in an apartment with three girls from Holland and one from Texas.

Eliza Bennett '10
Off Term Location & Program: Florence, Italy, Wells College Program at the Lorenze de'Medici School
Description: I took classes at the Lorenze de'Medici School for American students in Florence. I had Thursdays and Fridays off which gave me time to travel both within Italy and throughout Europe (Germany, Spain, Scotland, England).

Colleen Olsen '10

Off Term Location & Program: Paris, France, Dartmotuh FSP
Description: I traveled the Paris through the Dartmouth foreign study program, lived with a French host family and took classes taught by both Dartmouth and French professors (and got Dartmouth credit).

Margo Duke '07
Off Term Location & Program: Paris, France, Sweet Briar College Study Abroad
Description: I went to France as part of a program through Sweet Briar College, so it was a full semester in France in both Tours and Paris, lasting from August until mid-December. I went to school and earned two credits and went on group trips and traveled throughout Europe.

Cat Morgan '06
Off Term Location & Program: Berlin, Germany, Dartmouth FSP
Description: I spent the term in Berlin on a Dartmouth foreign study program, living with a host family and taking classes with my group from Dartmouth.

Rowan Smith '04
Off Term Location & Program: Semester at Sea
Description: After spending six weeks in Massachusetts learning navigation and designing a project for our trip, my group spent six weeks sailing a tall ship from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta.


Shannie MacKenzie '11
Off Term Location & Program: Cape Town, South Africa, Connect-123
Description: I interned for a microfinance consulting group, PlaNet Finance, working on a project that helped a local group, the Kuyasa Fund, maximize housing loan efforts. My teammate, Broghan Cully '11, and I lived together in an apartment.


Kate Labrum '08
Off Term Location & Program: Patagonia, Chile, Wildlands Studies (UC-Santa Barbara Program)
Description: I backpacked through Southern Chile studying Chilean land conservation as well as ecological field methods with a group of students and a professor.

Liz Spence '08
Off Term Location & Program: Valdivia, Chile, World Wildlife Fund Internship
Description: I spent my off term in Chile, interning for the World Wildlife Fund, producing communications material (in English and Spanish) and working with indigenous communities to help plan resource management. I received funding from the Dickey Center and rented a room in a woman's house while I was there.

Stacy Howson Kinnaly '91
Off Term Location & Program: Sydney, Australia, Internship
Description: I spent the term in Sydney with my teammate Ginger Smith '92, living with a family she knew. I traveled for three weeks before interning for a marketing agency in North Sydney

Anne Moellering '89
Off Term Location & Program: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Adventure
Description: My teammate Holly Allen '90 and I went to the Virgin Islands with only a plan ticket home - once we got there we found housing and jobs and just enjoyed the tropics.
Off Term Location & Program: Geneva Switzerland, Economics Study
Description: I did not go to Switzerland with a formal program, but received a grant through the economics department and worked for the United Nations' economic development group.


Alex Huestis '10
Off Term Location & Program: Bogamoyo, Tanzania, Cross Cultural Solutions
Description: I taught third grade English at the local public school and helped out in other classrooms. In my spare time I painted with a local street artist.

Lana Smith '04
Off Term Location & Program: Purral, Costa Rica, YMCA "Go Global" Program
Description: I volunteered at the ACJ (Association Cristiana de Jovenes), which is a Costa Rican YMCA, in Purral, just outside of San Jose. I stayed with a host family and spent my mornings teaching kindergarten and afternoons looking after babies and working at daycare. I also taught English to about 20 teens/adults two nights a week.

Marianna Bocock Doyle '92

Off Term Location & Program: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Volunteering
Description: A classmate and I spent the term in Tanzania, where we lived with family friends and volunteered for a family planning clinic, UMATI.


Adelaide Pearson Hulbert '86
Off Term Location & Program: Liberia, Africa, Operation Crossroads Africa
Description: I went to Liberia with a group of American medical students where I was on a team responsible for providing and teaching primary care to villagers.

Roseanne Byron McSween '84
Off Term Location & Program: Togo, Ghana and Zimbabwe, Service Project
Description: I spent the term in Africa helping build a library in Kpalime, Togo and doing research for my senior thesis. I obtained funding through a fellowship from the Tucker Foundation.


Greta Meyer '11
Off Term Location & Program: Denver, Colo., Historical Society Intern
Description: I stayed at home in Denver during my off term and interned at the Colorado Historical Society. The 150-year old museum was constructing a new building and I helped organize and document that planning process.


Casey Hazel '06
Off Term Location & Program: New York City, Internship at PR/Marketing Firm
Description: I lived with my older sister in New York City and did an unpaid internship for a small public relations and marketing firm. Because it was a small company, I was very involved in the all of the day-to-day operations.

Elizabeth Right '04
Off Term Location & Program: New York, N.Y., ESPN Internship
Description: I lived in New York City at the Yale/Dartmouth club and worked at ESPN International. I got to see all sides of the business from marketing and sales to traveling to Bristol, Conn. to see production.

Sam Sparks '96
Off Term Location & Program: New York City, Law Internship
Description: I lived in New York City and interned at Davis, Polk and Wardwell law firm as a litigation clerk. I got to see the inner-workings of a big law firm which was worthwhile as I'm now an attorney.

Jana Friedman Brown '94
Off Term Location & Program: Boston, Mass., Internship at Northeastern
Description: I spent my off term interning for the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University, planning events, soliciting volunteers, gathering statistics and data. I was able to live at home as well.