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Dartmouth Women's Basketball Facilities

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Dartmouth Women's Basketball Facilities

Leede Arena
The 17-time Ivy League Champion Dartmouth women's basketball team plays its home games at Leede Arena, its home since the 1987-88 season. Welcoming elite opponents from all over the nation, the women boast a 304-186 all-time record at Leede, including a 7-5 record in 2014-15 seasons, the squad's best since the 2008-09 season.

In 2007, a state-of-the art Bio-Channel Classic maple wood floor was installed on all three of Leede Arena's regulation courts. In the summer of 2010, Leede underwent a facelift when the bleachers were painted green, new banners were hung and a new sound system was installed. Dartmouth also has the distinction of hosting the nation's longest-running women's basketball tournament, hosting the Blue Sky Classic for 37 years.

In addition to its locker room adjacent to the arena, the women's basketball team has its own spacious Team Room. While it serves as a place for game-day meetings and strategy, it also features comfortable seating for the entire team, a 50-inch television, video games and study carrels.

Dartmouth won the NCAA Pack the House Challenge for the
Ivy League in 2009-10, when 1,619 fans turned out to watch the Big Green defeat Harvard, 45-44 on Jan. 16, 2010

Leede Arena has been the home to 11 of Dartmouth's 17
Ivy Championship teams, including the 17th title-clinching
game in 2009
     Top-20 Leede Arena Crowds
Opponent Date
2,153 Duke 12/29/06
2,101 Penn 3/12/00
2,007 Harvard 3/7/00
1,969 Harvard 1/4/97
1,904 Vermont 12/9/15
1,827 Georgia 11/27/98
1,797 Columbia 3/4/00
1,751 Yale 1/15/00
1,729 Stony Brook   1/29/00
1,721 Yale 2/16/07
1,716 Brown 2/12/05
1,710 Harvard 3/10/99
1,669 Princeton 2/6/99
1,628 Yale 2/28/04
1,619 Harvard 1/16/10
1,613 Harvard 1/13/99
1,589 Cornell 3/3/07
1,587 Brown 2/27/99
1,583 Penn 2/7/04
1,577 Penn 2/5/99
1,562 Harvard 1/9/98
1,525 Harvard 3/9/04










Floren Varsity House Strength Training Center
Dartmouth women’s basketball players prepare for the rigors of the 28-game Division I season in the 10,000 square-foot Strength Training Center housed in the Floren Varsity House, exclusively for varsity teams. Opened in 2007, the state-of-the-art facility allows for multiple varsity teams to train simultaneously under the watchful eye of Bob Miller, Holekamp Family Strength & Conditioning Coach, and his assistants. A 1994 graduate of Southern Connecticut State, Miller came to the Big Green in March, 2001 after stints at Iowa and Yale.
Serving all 34 of Dartmouth’s varsity sports, equipment in the expansive center includes:

• 20 platforms and racks
• 8 glute and hamstring machines
• 6 sets of cable columns
• 4 cable lat pulldowns
• 4 Russian boxes
• 3 sets of iron dumbbells
• 3 belt squat machines
• Assorted cardio machines