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Women's Soccer Award Winners

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NSCAA All-Americans

1993    Melissa McBean (3rd Team)
1996 Jenna Kurowski (2nd Team)
1998 Suzanne Eastman (1st Team)
  Kristen Luckenbill (1st Team)
1999 Kristen Luckenbill (1st Team)
2000 Kristen Luckenbill (3rd Team)
2002 Mary McVeigh (2nd Team)

NSCAA All-Region (Northeast thru 2008, Mid-Atlantic 2009 - Present)

1991    Tracy Hagan
1993 Mya Mangawang
1996 Jenna Kurowski
  Melissa McBean
  Megan Owens
  Camille Powell
  Holly Thomas
1997 Melissa Roth
  Eleasnor Seigler
1998 Suzanne Eastman
  Kristen Luckenbill
1999 Kristen Luckenbill
2000 Kristen Luckenbill
  Jessica Post
  Jen Murray
2001 Jamie Lang
  Annie Gibson
  Shannon Agner
  Mary McVeigh
2002 Mary McVeigh
2003 Lea Kiefer
2005 Sarah Johnson
  Megan Wijas
2008 Myra Sack
2009 Myra Sack
2012 Tatiana Saunders
  Aurelia Solomon
  Emma Brush
  Chrissy Lozier
2013 Emma Brush
2014 Corey Delaney
  Jackie Friedman
2015 Jackie Friedman 
2016 Remy Borinsky

WISA All-New England

1989    Chris Gates
1990 Deb Tripaldi
1991 Tracy Hagan
1992 Mya Mangawang
  Ginger Smith
1993 Brittany Boulanger
  Mya Mangawang
  Melissa McBean
1994 Mya Mangawang
  Melissa McBean
  Holly Thomas
1995 Melissa McBean
1996 Jenna Kurowski
  Holly Thomas
1997 Kristen Luckenbill
  Eleanor Seigler
1998 Suzanne Eastman
  Kristen Luckenbill
  Melissa Roth
1999 Kristen Luckenbill
2000 Kristen Luckenbill
  Jessica Post
  Jen Murray
2001 Mary McVeigh
2002 Mary McVeigh
2005 Christina Ferraris
  Sarah Johnson
2006 Whitney Douthett
  Megan Wijas
  Emily Tracy
2009 Myra Sack
2010 Katie Davis
2014 Jackie Friedman

Academic All-America (CoSIDA)

1993    Ginger Smith (3rd Team)
1999 Suzanne Eastman (1st Team)
2006 Colleen Kelly (3rd Team)
2013 Emma Brush (1st Team)

NSCAA Scholar All-America

2002    Mary McVeigh (3rd Team)
2008 Myra Sack (2nd Team)
2012 Aurelia Solomon (3rd Team)

Lowe's Senior Class Award

2009    Myra Sack (Finalist)


Lucinda Fernald Cup
This award was established in 1984 in honor of the first captain of the women’s varsity soccer team by a gift from the Edward Tuck ‘50 family. It is presented to the player who best displays ability, leadership, sportsmanship, enthusiasm and dedication to the Dartmouth women’s soccer program, as selected by the coaching staff.

1984    Carol Radack, Francesca Scarito
1985 Francesca Scarito
1986 Laura Woolman
1987 Jane McBride
1988 Chris Gates
1989 Jennifer Martin
1990 Kelly Blasius
1991 Kari Reuter
1992 Ginger Smith
1993 Jessica Andre
1994 Brittany Boulanger
1995 Jenna Kurowski
1996 Kate Andrews, Holly Thomas
1997 Suzanne Eastman
1998 Suzanne Eastman
1999 Jessica Post
2000 Jessica Post
2001 Jamie Lang
2002 Mary McVeigh
2003 Anne Marbarger
2004 Megan Wijas
2005 Whitney Douthett
2006 Whitney Douthett
2007 Ali Hubbard
2008 Myra Sack
2009 Ali Hubbard
2011 Erin Fleischli
2012 Aurelia Solomon
2013 Emma Brush
2014 Kendall Kraus
2015 Lucielle Kozlov
2016 Holly Patterson

Mickey Price/Keith Kurowski Award
This award was established in memory of a true soccer fan and it is presented to a player whose teammates felt displayed Kurowski’s same courage and enthusiasm despite great adversity.

1990    Karen Ehrhardt
1991 Bridget Murphy
1992 Joanna Cline
1993 Amy Duggan, Kerry Marsh
1994 Michelle Conroy, Christina Hallenback
1995 Kate Andrews
1996 Cindy Goodwin
1997 Annie Eckstein, Michelyne Pinard
1998 Katie Gayman, Sarah Valkenburgh
1999 Ashley Butler
2000 Mary McVeigh
2001 Emily Odegard
2002 Annie Gibson
2003 Erin Osborn
2004 Caroline Lessing
2005 Samantha Sheppard
2006 Roxy Davis
2007 Monica Martin de Bustamante
2008 Caitlin MacDonald
2009 Jenny Stone
2011 Kim Rose
2012 Paige Dekker
2013 Kim Rose
2014 Tasha Wilkins
2015 Corey Delaney
2016 Meredith Gurnee

Wally Bell Award
Established in 2002 in memory of one of the team’s most faithful fans, Wally Bell, father of Gretchen Bell ‘01, who will always be remembered by the program for his caring, generosity, kindness and support. The award is resented to the player, who in the opinion of her teammates, represents the true meaning of being a teammate on and off the field.

2002 Laura Ashley, Meghan Kelly
2003 Anne Peick
2004 Eve Russell
2005 Megan Wijas
2006 Melissa Matulich
2007 Annie Stanley
2008 Anna Barrett
2009    Kelsey Quick
2011 Anna Chinco
2012 Kim Rose
2013 Ari Kenyon
2014 Laura Thurber
2015 Lucielle Kozlov
2016 Gia Parker

Larry Garrity Award

Established in 1995 in honor of a faithful Dartmouth fan, this award is presented to the most outstanding first-year player, as selected by her teammates.

1995 Suzanne Eastman
1996 Melissa Roth
1997 Eleanor Seigler
1998 Jamie Lang
1999 Mary McVeigh
2000 Lea Kiefer
2001 Claire DeWalt
2002 Jennie Tonneson, Christina Ferraris
2003 Sarah Johnson
2004 Annie Stanley
2005 Becky Poskin
2006 Myra Sack
2007 Katie Davis
2008    Erin Fleischli
2009 Grace Best
2011 Kate Castillo
2012 Jackie Friedman
2013 Holly Patterson
2014 Brittany Champagne
2015 Remy Borinsky
2016 Alyssa Neuberger

Coaches Recognition Award
Presented to the player, who in the opinion of the coaching staff, has been instrumental to the success of the team through her playing ability, commitment and contribution to team spirit.

2204 Sarah Johnson
2005 Emily Tracy
2006 Emily Tracy
2007 Maggie Goldstein
2008 Becky Poskin
2009    Aly O'Dea, Becky Poskin
2011 Colleen Hogan
2012 Chrissy Lozier
2013 Marina Moshitto
2014 Kate Castillo

Player of the Year Award

Presented to the player, who in the opinion of both her teammates and the coaches, was the most valuable on the field.

2004 Sarah Johnson
2005 Colleen Kelly
2006 Megan Wijas
2007 Annie Stanley
2008 Emily Forline
2009    Myra Sack
2011 Emma Brush
2012 Emma Brush

Emma Brush


Jackie Friedman


Corey Delaney


Jackie Friedman


Remy Borinsky