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Academic Services for Student-Athletes

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Each class has specific needs. Please follow the links below about your specific class.

Academic Support and Advising

Academic support is available to all Dartmouth student-athletes. Advising sessions are designed to provide student-athletes with advice, assistance, and resources necessary to maintain balance in their academic and athletic lives. Schedule an academic advising session with Anne B. Hudak (Associate Athletic Director for Peak Performance).

Academic Skills for Athletes (ASA)

Academic Skills for Athletes (ASA) is a six- week program designed for first- year student- athletes. The goal of ASA is to enhance the academic performance of Dartmouth's student athletes. By better understanding their individual learning styles and preferences, as well as learning effective learning strategies, student athletes will gain more from their Dartmouth experience. You will also have a chance to get to know your Dean, upper-class athletes who have "figured it out," and other administrators from around campus who can help you in your quest for success.

Academic Skills Center
The Dartmouth College Academic Skills Center is for the entire College community. Although our primary goal is to assist students in becoming more efficient and effective learners, we are open to all who wish to improve their academic skills and ability to learn. The ASC is located in Collis 301. For more information click here.

Why would you want to visit the ASC?
    You're getting B's but you want to get A's
    You don't feel comfortable talking in class
    You're attending class regularly but you feel like you're missing important points
    You feel like you're a slow reader
    You're having trouble completing tests in the allotted time
    You're spending hours studying for foreign language but still not “getting it”
    You feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done
    You're not sure how to take notes
    You want to sign up for a tutor or study group
    You're not sure if you should get tested for a learning disability

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students
The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, a department within the Dean of the College division, provides support for undergraduate students as well as for other enrolled students. The office's main mission is to support students in their engagement with the curriculum and in their overall educational experience at Dartmouth.

A dean is assigned to each student, and follows that student throughout their college years. Although each of the deans has specific areas of academic and counseling expertise, they are generalists in the sense that they support the mission of the office. Students can schedule appointments with any of the deans even if not assigned to them.

Click Here for more information.

Tutoring/Study Group Services
Tutors are Dartmouth students who have done well in their courses and want to help others; they are recruited and trained by the Tutor Clearinghouse Coordinator. Tutors are available or a variety of courses, including: math, physics, chemistry, languages, biology, economics, music, philosophy, and psychology. All Dartmouth student-athletes are eligible for free tutoring. Click here for more information about tutoring services and/or study groups.

Tutoring: Click Here
Study Groups: Click Here

NCAA Laptop Checkout Program
The NCAA Academic Enrichment Fund provides Dartmouth with funding for laptop computers. These computers are available for varsity student-athletes to use for academic purposes during travel to intercollegiate competitions. To reserve a laptop or find out more about the program, click here.

Scholarships and fellowships available for undergraduate and graduate students. For more information click here.

Faculty Advisor Program
In recent years, several teams have made connections with faculty members that have evolved into an informal advising program for athletic teams (see a current list of advisors below). The Team Faculty Advisor Program is designed to provide student-athletes with advice, assistance, and resources necessary to maintain balance in their academic, athletic, and social lives at Dartmouth. Advisors also serve as advocates and act as liaisons to a broader network of faculty, administrative staff, and campus resources that can assist student-athletes in meeting immediate and long-term goals.