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Physical Education Requirements

1. All undergraduate students must earn three (3) credits in physical education and complete a 50 yard swim test. Credits may be earned by successfully completing activity courses, wellness-oriented non-activity courses, and participation in intercollegiate and club programs. Satisfactory completion of courses in physical education is based on skill improvement and participation.

2. Swim Test - Students are encouraged to take their swim test prior to their DOC trip in the fall. Otherwise, the test must be passed during recreational swim hours under the supervision of the lifeguard on duty. Exemptions from this requirement must come from the medical director of the college in the form of a permanent medical excuse. If a student is unable to complete the 50 yard swim, he or she may fulfil this requirement by successfully completing a course in beginning swimming. This course may not count towards the 3 credit requirement.

3. Absences - Students are allowed 3 unexcused absences from courses, which meet twice a week and 1 unexcused absence from courses, which meet once a week. Certain courses may require fewer absences. Students are allowed one excused absence, which must be authorized by the Dean or Medical Director. Students who exceed the number of permitted absences in a course will fail the course and will be billed $50.

4. Students are expected to complete all of the physical education requirements prior to their final term at Dartmouth. These requirements must be fulfilled to graduate.

5.All PE ski and snowboard students are required to wear ski helmets. Information on purchase of helmets will be available in November.

6. Credit will not be given for intramural athletics or any activity which is not recognized by or under the direct supervision of the Office of Physical Education

notes: Students who participate in an intercollegiate sport may receive credit for that activity during the term(s) in which they participate in traditional and non-traditional seasons. This applies to team managers as well. Club Sport members may receive a maximum of 2 physical education credits for their participation.
Members of the Fall Marching Band may earn a maximum of 2 credits (one per term).