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Dartmouth Ski Team Recruiting

At Dartmouth it is possible to combine an education at one of the country's top colleges with one of the nation's best ski racing programs. The Dartmouth Ski Team is interested in individuals who are serious about their education and committed to becoming the best ski racers they can be.

The Dartmouth Ski Team consists of Varsity and Junior Varsity teams in Men's and Women's Alpine and Cross Country. The team competes on the EISA collegiate carnival racing circuit, culminating with the NCAA National Skiing Championships in early March.  Beyond that, the Ski Team also supports a wide range of individual skiing goals. There are Dartmouth student-athletes who are members of the U.S. or other National Ski Teams, and team members regularly compete in other regional, national and international events.  The Junior Varsity teams are provided with the same training and racing program as the Varsity. Regardless of individual aspirations, one goal of the Dartmouth Skiing is constant: the commitment to the continued development and improvement of all our student-athletes.

Please note: NCAA regulations prohibit college coaches from calling, contacting, or meeting with you off-campus, until July 1st following your junior year in high school. However, you can write, call, email or visit the campus at any time.  If you would like to schedule a meeting or learn more about the Dartmouth Ski Team, please contact the appropriate discipline coach.


Through its athletic recruiting program the Dartmouth Ski Team can significantly support the applications of its top skiing prospects; however the academic standards for admission to Dartmouth are still high. Dartmouth requires that all applicants take the SAT I or ACT test, plus two SAT II subject tests. You should schedule these tests by the spring of your junior year or early in the fall of your senior year of high school. Skiing prospects should complete a recruiting questionnaire and send a copy of their high school transcript and test scores directly to the appropriate discipline coach. The application deadline for Early Decision is November 1, and January 1 for Regular Decision.  For further admissions information, please visit the Dartmouth Admissions website.

Financial Aid

Dartmouth does not offer athletic scholarships, but admission is need-blind and more than half of the Dartmouth student body receives financial assistance in the form of grants, loans, and employment. Financial aid is determined on the basis of individual financial need and Dartmouth guarantees to meet 100% of each student's demonstrated need for each of his/her four years of undergraduate study. For more information, please visit the Dartmouth Financial Aid website.

Ivy League Information

Please be sure to review the Ivy Athletic Prospect Information document for more information on Ivy League recruiting policies.

Recruiting and Admissions Checklist

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