BOSTON, Mass. – The Big Green headed to Boston to take on Boston University for the Bill Cup on Sunday (April 21). The race is typically held between Dartmouth, Boston University and Rutgers, but the Scarlet Knights couldn’t make it due to the change in day.

Dartmouth won the third varsity eight race with a time of 6:35.2, five seconds ahead of the Boston University third varsity eight and six seconds ahead of the Terriers fourth varsity eight. The Big Green boat got out ahead of two Boston University crews in the first thousand and extended their lead to open water in the second thousand.

"Huge congrats to the third varsity eight," said head coach Topher Bordeau. "The rowed well, raced hard, and won the race from start to finish. All of the crews raced hard today and fought strong competition in the Boston University crews. The Terriers rowed inspired races and tremendous thanks to Boston University for making the race happen in extraordinarily trying circumstances."

Each of the races were close on a day with favorable racing conditions. In the varsity eight the Terriers won the race with a time of 6:03.3 while Dartmouth took runner up honors with a time of 6:09.8. The Big Green crew exploded off the line with quite a bit of energy, but were unable to stride their base pace, allowing BU to walk out to a length lead in the second 500 of the race.

Not to be discouraged, the Dartmouth crew fought to establish a rhythm, but couldn't get anything going and BU, who rowed a very inspired piece, took control in the final quarter of the race.

Boston University claimed the second varsity eight and the varsity four. In the second varsity eight the Terriers crossed the finish line with a time of 6:17.7, six seconds ahead of the Big Green crew, who crossed with a time of 6:23.2.

In the varsity four, Boston University won with a time of 7:16.1 with the Big Green taking second with a time of 7:22.3.

Dartmouth is on the water next weekend when they welcome Brown to the Connecticut River to race for the Atalanta Cup.


Varsity Eight





Second Varsity Eight





First Varsity Four





Third/Fourth Varsity Eight



Boston 3V


Boston 4V


Dartmouth Lineups
First Varsity Eight
Cox: Julia Herringer
8: Nate Kania
7: Brendon Stoner
6: Stuart Maeder
5: Richard Newsome-White
4: John Strizich
3: David Mulrey
2: Jake Esse
1: Quinn Harper

Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Reilly Bertasi
8: Henry Franco
7:John Cresap
6:Ryan Ganong
5:Bryan Rogers
4:Brad Plunkett
3:Tim Brown
2:Sam Seehof
1:Fred Day

Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Greg Zales
8: Andrew Kenealy
7:Paul Champeau
6:Artie Santry
5: Rob Truesdale
4: Max Kinne
3: Sam Seder
2: Bobby Moffitt
1: Jack Heise

First Varsity Four
Cox: Nick Shallow
4: Bryce Cody
3: Will Johnson
2: Rahul Raina
1: Jamie Billings

Fourth Varsity Eight
Cox: Gabriel Garcia de Paredes de la Guarida
8: Bryce Cody
7: Will Johnson
6: Mac Keyser
5: Jamie Billings
4: Rahul Raina
3: Kristo Jorgenson
2: Jacob Wojnas
1: Danny Reitsch