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Dartmouth Down Under: Day 7 - Adelaide and 'The Program'

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By Dartmouth
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"Today we started out the day bright and early, waking up at 7:00 to get ready for our first day of doubles that began today at 8:30 am. After eating plenty of eggs, toast, bananas and apples, we made our way to the vans and departed for the field. Practice was a fun one in the hot Australian sun with some transition, defense, and shooting drills finishing with sevens. After practice we returned to our bungalows and ate PB&J and turkey sandwiches as well as leftovers from Hana Bowers '13 and Anjalie Christie '14's delicious chicken fajitas that were last night's dinner. Next, it was time to start to think about dinner prep and Hana our specialty chef started working on the meat sauce for tonight.

At 1:45 we left for our second practice of the day that included even more transition and 7v7 and ended with an exciting scrimmage. We made our way back to the bungalows for dinner which meant spaghetti and meat sauce in 102 (best smelling bungalow tonight!). Next we met for a team meeting and brought along our leftovers that could've fed the whole team. During our inspirational meeting we set two goals to accomplish during the last leg of our trip."

- Christine Lushefski '15 & Ingrid Hermanson '16

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