"Six days into our adventure, the moment that many of us had been eagerly looking forward to. That moment was jumping out of a plane over the beautiful mountains surrounding Cairns. Anyone who has ever flown with me can attest to the fact that I have an incredible fear of heights, which spurred my decision to face that fear and go skydiving.

"Kyra Hansson '13 (a seasoned skydiver, jumping for the third time), Ellie Clayton '13, Courtney Bennett '13, Kyleigh Williams '14, Christine Lushefski '15 and I were picked up by the company shuttle at our hotel in Cairns early this morning. We arrived at their main office and immediately completed our first task- signing the consent form. After about an hour wait, which included a debate about whether to purchase extra insurance, we met the men who would be flying with us that day and guiding us to safety."

- Liz Calby ’14

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