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Carrying on the Dartmouth College and Ivy League traditions of excellence is hard work and competition among the best institutions is intense. Searching for a competitive edge is part of the challenge. However, meeting those challenges means playing by the rules. The NCAA has rules for coaches, student-athletes, administrators, alumni and fans.


The Compliance Office in the Athletic Department works to educate coaches, student-athletes, staff members and the Dartmouth community in regards to NCAA and Ivy rules. If you have any questions in this area, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Jake Munick

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance

(603) 646-1378


Emily Cummings

Compliance Specialist

(603) 646-8810

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Donation Requests

Due to an extremely high volume of requests, Dartmouth College Athletic Department does not grant requests for donations of equipment, apparel or other products.

If you would like to inquire about the athletics department donating any game--day tickets to your special cause, please fill out the online questionnaire below:

Donation Request Form

Representatives of Athletics Interests


You are considered a representative of Dartmouth's athletic interests if:


  • You are or have ever been a member of any group that supports or promotes the Dartmouth athletics program.
  • You have made financial donations to the athletic program.
  • You have ever helped arrange or provided employment for an enrolled student-athlete, a prospective student-athlete, or their parents or relatives.
  • You have helped in any way to recruit student-athletes.


According to the NCAA, once an individual is identified as a representative of athletic interests, the individual retains that status for life. Any contact you have with prospective student-athletes, their parents, coaches, teachers or counselors, and anything you provide for prospective or current student-athletes is subject to NCAA rules. Impermissible contacts can affect the eligibility of Dartmouth's student-athletes. Dartmouth College is responsible for the actions of all its representatives, and reserves the right to withhold any benefit or privilege associated with the athletic department.


Per NCAA rules, all in-person, on- and off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete's relatives or legal guardians shall be made only by authorized institutional staff members.  Such contact, as well as correspondence and telephone calls, by representatives of an institution's athletics interests is prohibited.


Guide for Dartmouth Alumni, Athletic Sponsors, & Friends of Big Green Athletics


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Prospective Student-Athletes


Thank you for your interest in Dartmouth College Athletics. All incoming freshmen who plan on participating in intercollegiate athletics must be certified through the NCAA Eligibility Center. For more information in regards to initial eligibility, please access the following links:


NCAA Eligibility Center

Eligibility Center Instructions for Prospects
Eligibility Center User Guide for Prospects

NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.


Graduation Success Rate (GSR) - Submitted by Dartmouth College during 2014-2015 academic year:

2005-2008 GSR Cohort

2008-2009 Graduation Rate


Academic Progress Report (APR) - Submitted by Dartmouth College during 2014-2015 academic year:

Dartmouth Guide

Official NCAA Release

Ivy Athletic Prospect Information - EVERY Ivy League prospective student-athlete should read and understand this document!



Additional Resources

Agent Information


Banned Substances List

NCAA DI Manual

Sports Wagering

Transfer Guide

The Ivy League





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Current Dartmouth Student-Athletes


Dartmouth College Student-Athlete Handbook



Outside Competition Form

Promotional Activity Form

Student-Athlete Fee-for-Lesson Form



College Discipline

Concussion Fact Sheet

Ivy league Eligibility Rules Summary for Student-Athletes

NCAA Banned Substances List

NCAA Drug Testing Policy

NCAA Policy on Transgender Student-Athlete Participation

Student-Athlete Social Media Policy

Student Host Information Sheet

Summary of NCAA Regulations for Student-Athletes


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Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) Report 2014-15