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PENNSAUKEN, N.J. – Dartmouth women's rowing competed at the 2017 Ivy League Women's Rowing Championship on Cooper River Sunday afternoon. Princeton claimed the Ivy title after winning the first varsity by almost four seconds, while the Big Green took eighth.

“Today's racing demonstrated a lot of grit and I am proud of the positive attitude on the team,” head coach Linda Muri said. “Although we have shown consistently more speed this year than last year based on margins against our league and non-league opponents, our results in the win-loss column are not reflecting that improvement just yet. It takes time to rebuild a program and now we have some very solid momentum coming off this season. 

We are a young team,” Muri continued. “We have seven freshmen in the three NCAA boats. Their enthusiasm and dedication, along with the rest of their classmates, are second to none. In their first year, they have already made a big impact on the team.” 

In heat two of the first varsity, the Big Green got to the 500-meter mark three seconds behind the Quakers and by the 1,000, were trailing by just over a tenth of a second. Dartmouth placed fourth (6:37.10), completing the course less than four seconds behind Penn (6:33.60). Later on in final two, the Big Green got off to a good start and had two seconds on the Big Red by the first 500. Dartmouth continued to pull further and further ahead, crossing the line in 6:30.35 to Cornell's 6:43.32.

Dartmouth was fourth in heat one of the second varsity with a time of 7:10.97. In the second final against Columbia, the Big Green got faster as the race continued and their last 500 was over a second faster than the Lions'. Dartmouth was second (6:55.42), finishing less than three seconds behind Columbia (6:52.74).

In the first heat of the varsity 4A, Dartmouth placed fourth (8:04.73). Racing again in the second final, the Big Green finished in second place (7:56.58), completing the course behind Cornell in first (7:33.65).

Dartmouth took fourth place in heat one of the varsity 4B (8:08.51). Later that afternoon, Dartmouth and Penn raced in the second final and only two seconds separated the two teams. The Quakers got out to a quick start and had a three-second lead at the 500-meter mark, but the Big Green started to catch up, rowing almost identical splits to their opponent over the next 1,000. Dartmouth finished in 7:47.92, while Penn had a 7:45.27.

In the third varsity, the Big Green were seventh after the first 500, but a 1:43.76 second 500 allowed Dartmouth to catch Radcliffe and remain ahead for the remainder of the race. The Big Green completed the heat in sixth with a time of 7:18.14, leaving over three seconds between them and the Black and White (7:21.40).

Katie Erdos (C), Kate Griffiths (S), Elisabeth Fawcett (7), Sabrina Bohrer (6), Rebecca Conway (5), Ciara Gaffney (4), Cara Cavanaugh (3), Carin Carroll (2), Nora Masler (B)

Jasmine Williams (C), Samantha Hawley (S), Sophia Stone (7), Olivia Bono (6), Harriet Van Metre (5), Ariana Wetzel (4), Natalie Knight (3), Jenna Thompson (2), Simone Framson (B)

Nitya Thakore (C), Maggie Stiefvater (S), Justeen Komok (7), Taylor Daly (6), Grace Ryan (5), Alexandra Stankard (4), Emma Gustafson (3), Addie McKenzie (2), Emma Winson (B)

Julia Granito (C), Rebecca Thomson (S), Miranda Gish (3), Sophie Palmer (2), Emily Carney (B) 

Audrey Scott (C), Sarah Caplice (S), Brianna Ager (3), Anne Blackburn (2), Jackie McInerney (B)