Matthew McFarland
Position: Rower
Year: Senior
Hometown: Excelsior, Minn.
High School: The Blake School

Q & A with Matt McFarland

Why Dartmouth?

Because Dartmouth a challenging, intensive and rewarding education. Because Dartmouth's students are passionate and determined. Because Dartmouth integrates nature and a rural obscurity to its campus.

How long have I been rowing and what sparked my interest?

I walked on to the team this fall. I'm a freshmen, and I come from Minnesota. We have no rowing programs back home. My dad coxed for Dartmouth when he was here and said it was a great sport that I might be interested in.

Have I won any awards?

Not yet!

Something interesting about yourself?

My favorite place to work on campus is the basement in the stacks. It's quiet, empty and helps me focus.