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Year: Freshman
Hometown: Tampa, FL
High School: Berkeley Prep


Q & A with Gates Lucas

Why Dartmouth?

I chose Dartmouth because of the close-knit community it fosters. The people here are exceptional and everyone is extremely enthusiastic towards the school. After spending time in Hanover, I knew Dartmouth was the place for me.

How long have I been rowing and what sparked my interest?

I rowed all four years in high school and coached one season after high school. My interest in rowing was kind of spontaneous. I decided to try it one day and ended up doing it for a season. After that it was apparent that I would continue to row. 

Have I won any awards?

I won the Florida State Championships in the 2x and the 4+.

Something interesting about yourself?

I worked at a film studio in Tampa, FL where I got to shoot commercials for politicians including Jeb Bush. On occasion I was asked to be in the commercials as an extra.
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