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Year: Senior
Hometown: Pepper Pike, Ohio
High School: University School


Senior (2014-15): Opened the season at four seat of the varsity eight boat, helping lead Dartmouth to a 10th-place finish at the Head of the Charles (15:30.277) … sat six seat in the second varsity 8 boat that bested Delaware (5:39.8) … at the EARC Sprints regatta, he was three seat of the third varsity 8 that placed second in the Petite Final (6:15.203).


Q & A with Evan Meisler

Why Dartmouth?
I centered my college search on a small set of criteria that were especially important to me.  These criteria included a suburban or rural setting (I harbor a strong distaste for cities), a comparatively small student body, great availability of research opportunities, a strong government department, and a very high degree of selectivity.  Dartmouth matched these criteria exactly.  It didn’t hurt that a number of close friends and acquaintances from home were or are Dartmouth students.

How long have you been rowing and what interested you about rowing?
I walked on to the lightweight crew team my freshman fall at Dartmouth, somewhat later than most of my classmates owing to a medical setback.  My father rowed for a short time at BU and always told me that I had a good build for lightweight rowing (hilariously long legs, goofy long arms, tall and skinny, etc.).  My background in distance running would, I thought, lend itself nicely to a transition to rowing.  Finally, my trippee James Mock, a recruit, helped convince me to check out the team.

Have you won any awards?
Not in rowing, and I don’t suppose anyone reading this would care to hear about the other awards I’ve earned.

Something interesting about yourself?
I play the ukulele and am a pretty good singer, although my roommate may say otherwise.  I’m not going to be winning American Idol for my performances in our shower any time soon.

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