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Year: Senior
Hometown: Andover, Mass.
High School: Phillips Academy


Q&A with Ian Accomando

Why Dartmouth?

I was recruited by a lot of schools but when I came on my recruiting visit, there was an energy and an excitement amongst the student body that I didn't find at any of the other schools I visited. Students and athletes seemed genuinely happy to be here and answered my questions about Dartmouth in thoughtful and positive ways.

How long have you been rowing and what got you interested in rowing?

I've been rowing since my freshman spring in high school. My oldest brother started his freshman spring in high school too, back in 1996 and my second oldest brother picked it up in the spring of 2000 so I've been exposed to rowing since I was 7, when i was very easily influenced.

Have you won any academic or rowing awards recently?

I won four medals during my high school career but my most successful year occured in the spring/summer of 2007. I was on the first boat that spring and we went 21-0, winning the New England Championships in the process. That summer I rowed for a club team, Boston Rowing Club, and won gold in the U18 division of the Canadian Henley Regatta.

Tell me something interesting about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates.

While I am a lightweight rower now, I used to be this little ball of a person. I was about 5' 9" my freshman year in highschool and I probably weighed
about 170-175 pounds. Conversely, I'm now 6'0" and weigh the same out of season and less during the season. Juxtapose those two images in your head. It's hilarious.

What other activities do you participate in on campus?


What are your future plans, if any?

I take crew on a year by year basis. I know that I'm not yet in the upper echelon of lightweights on the collegiate level, let alone the international level,
so for me to look beyond this year would be too optomisitic. That's not to say that one day I don't hope to be at those levels, but my approach is to improve as much as I can this year and make my boat as fast as possible.  Hopefully I am able to win a medal this year and let next year take care of itself.

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