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The Connecticut River

Running right past the edge of campus, the clean and beautiful Connecticut River allows limitless miles of rowing amid the scenic settings of mountainous New Hampshire. Power boats and wind rarely disturb the crews here, with "glass" conditions most days. This combination of elements has earned Dartmouth the reputation for having, in many minds, the best water in the country. The Connecticut is one of the few bodies of water in the league where a swim after the row is a regular feature during the warmer months. In addition it is so clean that rowers drink from it regularly when the water bottle runs out.

The Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse

The Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse is located on the Connecticut River and is less than a 10 minute walk from anywhere on campus. The upper floor has the athlete’s locker rooms and a large erg room which is split up into space for two teams to train. This room is centered with a large fireplace and couches. Outside there is a long deck spanning the width of the boathouse and affording a beautiful view of the river. Often rowers come down to the boathouse early to sit on the deck before practice.

Fuller Boathouse

Across our parking lot, we have Fuller Boathouse. Fuller Boathouse was the team’s primary boathouse before the Friend’s boathouse was built. Fuller has three boat bays. The first bay is dedicated to our fulltime boatman who has a completely outfitted repair shop. Everything from routine maintenance to major repair on eights can be done in the shop. In Fuller the two other boat bays which are used as storage for additional boats and equipment. Fuller adds a much appreciated amount of storage to our already spacious Friend’s Boathouse.

The Small Boathouse

Due to the wonderful nature of our river, it is a great place for rowing small boats. Accordingly, we have a boathouse dedicated to them. Singles, doubles and a number of pairs are stored in this boathouse and are used regularly. This smaller boathouse has it own dock which allows easy access to the water with the smaller boats.

Indoor Training Facilities

Dartmouth features state-of-the-art indoor training facilities for the winter months. Our rowing tanks have room for two eights worth of rowers. They have many mirrors, clean water, and are meticulously maintained by Gary Guilbault. Across the hall, we have a newly remodeled and spacious erg room. In addition to that, we have another spacious erg room at the boathouse which overlooks the river and is right on campus. The team lifts in the varsity weight room where they are under the guidance of our strength and conditioning coach, Kaitlin Sweeney.

RECORDS Click here for the video

The Dartmouth teams hold six marathon ergometer records recognized by Concept II.

1995 Large Team 1,000,000 Meters (Coed)
53 hours, 22 min., 40 sec. (1:36.1 split)
1998 24 Hours - Large Team Men 497,972 meters (1.26.7 split)
1998 24 Hours - Large Team Women 413,539 meters (1.44.5 split)
2001 100,000 meters Men's Large Team
4 hours, 22 min. 39.4 sec. (1:18.8 split)
2001 100,000 meters Women's Large Team
5 hours, 30 min. 1.0 sec. (1:39.0 split)
2001 100,000 meters Mixed Large Team
4 hours, 58 min. 26.2 sec. (1:29.5 split)

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