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Year: Senior
Hometown: Wellesley, Mass.
High School: Wellesley


Why Dartmouth?
Primarily because of the people. We have such an incredible group of intelligent and talented yet surprisingly humble students here, and everyone seemed to be so passionate about their school and their community. The campus and surrounding area are also absolutely gorgeous.

How long have you been sailing and what got you interested in sailing?
My first time sailing was during tryouts for my high school's team. Sailing is so dynamic, emphasizing skill and strategy in an ever-changing environment, and was unlike any sport I'd ever played.

What Sailing or Academic achievements are you particularly proud of?
Sailing for me is more about the process, and I'm proud of all the progress we've made both individually as a team. Academically, I've designed my own major, which I'm pretty proud of.


Tell us something interesting about you that might come as a surprise to your teammates.
I can't drink coffee.

What are your future sailing and career plans?
I hope to continue sailing for the rest of my life, though probably not competitively. For career plans, I'm currently looking into research in oceanography, volcanology, and seismology.

What sports or activities did you pursue in high school, and what do you hope to continue at Dartmouth?
Sailing, cooking, and skiing

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